Saturday, March 01, 2008

February totals..

...and there goes February - a short month I know, but this is turning into a short year..

...before I have a look at how the numbers changed this month though, see following for some new tanks that have just joined the armoured forces in the Western Desert - these are the first fruits of that delivery I mentioned from Minifigs.. 12mm scale.. featured are an A13 Cruiser with accompanying MkVI Vickers, being ambushed by an early Panzer IV.. not a happy situation to be in!

On the blog front - I did quite well... despite the short month I had more visitors to all of them - main blog aside though the Teasers continue to be of most interest to people - Charles should be proud..

As always "thanks!" to all my visitors, I don't think I could blog in a vacuum so the visitor numbers, and comments people leave, are kind of important.. J

The painting points are looking quite good as well - with that new armour, I painted 78 points this month which for me is exceptional, I now make my total for the year to date to be 144..

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