Monday, April 21, 2008


...I've just finished sprucing up some figures that I bought last year from one of my fellow "Old School Wargamers"..

..these guys were already painted to what I considered to be a good standard, so to be honest didn't need much doing to them - I touched up the boots, hats, and the faces, maybe some of the rifles. They have had a fresh coat of varnish, though, and new bases - but that was it - I almost feel guilty about putting them into my painting totals so I'm only claiming half points.... J

..the figures are "old" Minifigs - so before the current range that most of my other units are comprised of. If you look carefully, the officer in the unit on the right is one of the "new" designs (a comparative term - not sure how long the range has been with us, but I'm thinking it must be at least 20 or 30 years old now..) He's clearer in the second picture - he's quite "Bunter'ish" in comparison to the slimmer, older, sculpts...

Needless to say I'm chuffed to have them in my armies... these guys are real veterans - history only knows how many battles and skirmishes they've been in up until now, but they are set to continue in my games, fighting as generic militia on the American side..

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  1. Bunterish?

    Stuff and nonsense old man, he is a merely a fine beef fed fellow and positively full of fight.