Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Move 9 (16:00)

16:00 Day 1 (move 9)..

..as a reminder the campaign map is to the left (click on it and any of the other pictures in this blog for the usual bigger view).

All the couriers advising of the British advance on the east road, and also the orders from the C-in-C reinforcing the orders to converge on Carnine have now arrived - all American units are therefore, on the march - some more slowly than others..!

Sightings of the enemy at the beginning of the move are as per the following - there's only one British unit in sight, and my continuing assumption is that it is a unit of British cavalry (recon reports show a single unit only, though there may be two of course...) I also continue to assume that the rest of DG's units are following up, but more slowly due to having to pull his artillery - he may have decided on something else of course!

Simple move for the Americans - they all continue to follow orders...

Here is the position at the beginning of the move:

...and here's the position at the end of the move - everything is just a little closer to Carnine:


~ the cavalry from the ex-garrison of Threepwood (3/.), has arrived in Carnine
~ the two half regiments of militia at Camsix and Tenterden have converged..
~ the Eighton Banks garrison which comprises a regiment of good infantry and my artillery has received their orders and left for Carnine - decided to let the infantry move on ahead as there's no danger the artillery will be attacked in isolation..
~ a half regiment of militia recently based at Sevenoaks has received their orders and is now marching to converge with the other half of the regiment who are at Carnine already..

Bottom line though is that is now the end of the day, and DG has an interesting conundrum - does he continue to flog his infantry down the road in the hopes of forcing some kind of tactical advantage at the potential cost of stragglers and lost strength, or does he now rest up the required period to march on a-fresh??? My troops have an altogether different problem - given they all activated at different times they can continue to march, albeit for different lengths of time... all of a sudden I feel a bit like a general! J

more anon...

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