Thursday, May 01, 2008

April Totals and a little quiz...

...and there went April - you might just have missed it went by so fast! That's a third of the year gone by already... and it only seems like yesterday it was Christmas!

..either way - April was good - highlight was undoubtedly Salute, but some other fine things happened this month, amongst which were...

First run through of the Sudan rules which I think went OK and generated a fair amount of interest between myself and DG culminating in v.3 of the rules - looking forward to the next game... see following for a new base of Dervish that have just joined the faithful of the Madiyah cause... the three kneeling guys firing muskets were part of my April painting output...(as is usual - click on any of them for a bigger view)

Discovering the new Minifigs website, and that it takes PayPal... new heavy weapons and support groups have been bought and currently being painted for the Afrika Corps and their Italian allies - the little quiz by the way refers to these guys - see end of post for more, but here's a taster of some of them - anti tank guns and LMG's:

Some nice book purchases were completed - from eBay I've just taken delivery of a near mint copy of "The Ancient Wargame" by Charles Grant the senior - lovely!! Made my day... I'll be reading, and reviewing here soon. Whilst on the reading front I've also taken delivery of "Under the Lily Banners" which takes the prize for being the nicest looking set of rules I've ever seen - DG and I are looking forward to trying them out on the table to see how they actually play. Finally on the reading front, it was my birthday in March, and with it came a hand full of Amazon vouchers some of which were exchanged for a new copy of "Scenario's for All Ages" by Grant (the younger this time) and Asquith... I'll review that as well once I've had time to read it...

Last of all - the campaign started - and while I realise that for some it may be a bit like the blogging equivalent of watching paint dry, DG and I are enjoying it loads... there'll be more posts going forward but I promise to keep them short('ish!) J

So - how did the blogs do this month?

Not bad... I'm endlessly amazed by the number of people who read my drivel so once again thanks.. the blog "winner" this month was the Teaser's - lots and lots of people read there this month (twice as many as last month). If any of you also read here, please let me know how your battles go, as I'd like to reference them from the relevant teaser so that people can see how others have done when playing the particular scenario..

The figure painting went reasonably OK as well:

...campaigning (and all the other things going on) kind of bit into my available brush time, but 15 points is reasonable when you consider that I also almost completed my Italian WWII support weapons groups - but as they weren't all based I haven't included them in the April totals - gives me a head start for May, though...J

..finally - here's the quiz... in the following - what does the weapon represent do you think? I'm honestly not sure, so feel free to respond via the comments tab...

It's either the tripod mounted version of the LMG's previously shown, or it might be an anti tank rifle, I'm thinking of the Solothurn S-18/100 20 mm Anti-Tank Cannon:

..the Italians used these quite a lot - among other things mounted on their armoured cars (see - answers on a postcard!

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