Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Allied army review..

Fresh on the heels of the recent Allied success in the "Advance Guard" Teaser I decided to hold a victory parade under the eyes of their commander along the lines of the recent review of the Franco-Bavarian army...

We'll start first with a view of the army as a whole - starting from the bottom of the picture (and you can click on it, and any of the others, for a larger view) we have English cavalry (3 squadrons), the "British" brigade (I'm wary of using the term British as the Act of Union wasn't until 1707...) comprising three English and a Scottish regiment of Foot, the Dutch brigade comprising two Dutch regiments of Foot, and a Swiss regiment in Dutch pay (Sturler's), in addition there is also an Austrian Grenadier battalion comprising converged grenadiers from three Imperial regiments. Lastly, we finish off at the top of the picture with some Dutch cavalry (1 squadron) and a final squadron of English cavalry (Wood's). The field artillery is to the fore, and two of the regiments have those very 'handy' battalion guns:

All of these have been painted since July 2006 when the project officially started... Next some closeups - first off, these are the Dutch cavalry (Nassau-Friesland) and Wood's:

Next a closeup of the Dutch Brigade - Goor and Beinheim behind, Sturler and the Grenadiers in front.. their victorious commander can be seen in front of the church behind, acknowledging the cheers of his men.. :o))

These are the "British" Brigade - the Guards on the left and Ingoldsby's on the right (one of the few English regiments to wear a non-red coat at this time), behind them are Orkney's and Meredith's. These guys were all in Fergusson's Brigade for the assault on the Schellenberg (though Orkney's were two battalions strong, so I have another to add)..

English cavalry - from the front, one of my favourite units, Schomberg's (the Black Horse, named after their usual regimental mount rather than the facings) with Cadogan's and Lumley's behind - these were in Wood's Brigade at the Schellenberg (with Wood's) but I've got a fair amount of painting still to do as most of these regiments had multiple squadrons in the field (Wood's and Schomberg's had 2 & Lumley's had 3!) and I still need to represent Wyndham's. Having said that I've already decided that the next unit(s) of allied cavalry will probably be Austrian Cuirassiers..

Finally an aerial view of the commander himself...

...and just because it was fun in the post on the French Army - some more video - took me loads of attempts this time as I think I was being too ambitious... having watched it, it looks like I need to oil the tripod as well as it's a bit jerky!!


On a separate subject on a recent day off from work I completed the Dutch foot regiment Rechteren (they were brigaded with Goor/Sturler etc.) - I'll post separately once I've based them, but just for once I'm happy with the hat lace on these guys.... I think I may run a poll, "what's your least favourite thing to paint for wargaming figures/pieces?"...


  1. That's a fine looking army you have there - nice video shot again too.

    I hate painting limber horses - all that effort on non-combatants!


  2. Steve,

    Very nice review, photos and video. I really like this overview of troops. Thank you.

    Strangely, I think that the thing I hate most is painting facial hair (mustaches and beards) . . . they never seem to look right to me.

    -- Jeff

  3. Jeff - I'm with you - that's why I also don't paint eyes - they always make my little men look slightly mad!

    Stryker - of all the things I paint I like painting horses the most - so easy once I boned up on some of the techniques Jeff & Murdock use.. here's mine, black spray undercoat, rough dampbrush of white, then Vallejo "woodgrain" over that (it's a wash rather than a paint) just splash it on you won't see it on the black bits, just the white dampbrushed bits - once it's dry I use a black ink for tail and mane, and then with a few drops of water to dilute it I also use it to do the legs up to just above the knee, a few more drops of water and I put a thin wash over the rest of the horse. Citadel Snakebite Leather for the reins and straps and you're done - less than 5 minutes per horse as it's mostly washes...

  4. Steve,

    "Eyes"? I've NEVER painted eyes . . . that way if the enemy waits until they "see the whites of my eyes" they'll never get a shot off.

    -- Jeff

  5. Facial hair is a bug bear of mine too. Whilst the figure may have been sculpted with it I find that it always looks too bushy when painted - almost neanderthal.

    Horses I don't like either. Fast enough method but it is the fact that you need to paint two elements to make one figure I think.

    Limbers I don't mind. A necessary part of the army to make it look presentable in the long run. But they are usually the last things I paint (I've got three to do for the current French army).

    But overall Steve this is a very nice looking collection and well presented. Many thanks for showing them off.

  6. Steve - thanks for the tips. I'm sure I could do it that way but its the sort of thing I would need someone to show me first hand I think - perhaps another video clip!