Monday, June 02, 2008

May totals...

...and there went May - another busy month for yours truly though it wouldn't seem so from the numbers of posts... family life impinges every now and again!

..either way I'm just back from taking my lot to Disneyland Paris - yup - not very wargame related, though I did get some shots of the green army men in the Disney parade which I'll share if you really want to see them! J, like April, May was good too - the highlight was undoubtedly the publication of Richard Holmes's book on Marlborough which I'm about 90% of the way through and will review more completely once I've finished it - suffice to say, if you have an interest in the period, this volume needs to be on your bookshelf next to Chandler, in my view - absolutely un-putdown-able....

...otherwise - not too much painting done - just 24 points this month, but I'm keen to get to the painting table as I'm wholly enthused by the sight of the Wild Geese on Phil Olley's website (which is they in the picture to the left - click on it (immediately) to go to Phil's site to see more of them and other of his regiments - mouthwatering!) so they are next on the painting schedule... once I've done them, I can then turn to some more cavalry, I have it in mind to do some Austrian Cuirassiers to even up the scales that because of the two Bavarian Cuirassier squadrons currently tip in favour of the French at the moment..

So - how did the blogs do this month?

Again, amazing really, and once again many thanks to the people who condescend to read my drivel! J


  1. Oh, go on - lets see those green army men - got to be the best bit of Disneyland!

  2. Steve,

    Any chance of your doing a WSS "pass in review" of the various armies you can field?

    -- Jeff

  3. Stryker - will do... though you'd be surprised - even an old grognard like me can get the Disney'bug!

    Jeff - good plan - I'll hold it in reserve for just after the wild geese are completed...