Saturday, July 19, 2008

De Montreval...

Those of you who read here regularly will know that I love to dig up historical tid-bits and other facts about the regiments I represent on the table top - well in this case you (and I) are going to be disappointed - I can find out absolutely nothing about them...

The French cavalry regiments of this period - of which there were almost 200 - are remarkably poorly documented. There's a lot of uniform detail (though in the case of this regiment even that was missing) but not much else..

Even Grant didn't list this regiment so once again I owe a debt to Iain Stanford and Dan Schorr on the Early Linear Warfare Yahoo group for the uniform details...

So there they are - these figures are Freikorps, 15mm of course, and I have to say a delight to paint after the Essex...

The only thing I do know about them (and the reason they were painted in the first place) is that they were in the brigade of the Marquis de Silly at Blenheim, along with Regiment de Orleans, Regiment de St. Pouanges & Regiment de Ligonday - nine squadrons in all. The brigade was under the overall command of Marechal de Camp, the Duc d'Humeries. At Blenheim they were positioned between Oberglau and Blenheim, where they were part of a force that comprised 64 French and Walloon squadrons.

Today I bought Kleer Future floor polish, some Payne's Grey, and some Windsor and Newton Peat ink as a result of the many hints and tips that I'm picking up, so it's time to try a little experimenting I think....


  1. First, the regiment looks good. I like them.

    Next, I will be very interested in your report on your experiments with the Future et al. I've been tempted to try it myself . . . I just haven't had the nerve to do it yet.

    Before and after photos would be a nice help.

    -- Jeff

  2. Steve,

    They look terrific - beautifully painted. I wish I had some of your magic flock mix!


  3. A lovely unit, Steve.

    Best wishes


  4. This regiment is Montrevel it seems created by Ordonnace du Roy "pour faire mettre sur pied 20 regts de cavalerie et régler leur rang" february, 10th, 1701.
    but appears on list in 1691, given to another member of family Chevalier de Montrevel in 1693 and Gal Suzane marked this regt as disbanded in 1693... ??
    No Known standard...
    in 1692, grey coat, red cuff...
    Source : Robert hall, standards and uniform of the french cavalry under Louis XIV. Ed R.Hall

  5. JL - thanks for that - looks like I got the colours right... but I suspect it was because Dan & Iain may have had the same source as yourself... I suspect this regiment was raised & then disbanded, but then raised again as the requirement arose in 1701..

  6. My job and children give me more free time now, let me tell you i just discover your blog and i'm in project to create my own on WSS....(some figures 15mm army in project too). I was (a long time ago) in awargamer and research group in Paris with P.Fouré, Jean Belaubre and C.Terana. We played "kregspiel" on this period (20mm plats d'étain edited by the group). And so, i've some great sources about this era... ;))
    Your articles here are very interesting and looking nice with figs pictures... Bravo !!