Monday, September 01, 2008

Just a quick one to record some numbers...

The number of hits to the blogs continues to astound; thinking on this though I have a suspicion that with the multitude of RSS feeds now available (and the list feature that Blogger have made available which shows when a blog was updated is an example of this) people will visit sites less, as they will no longer need to check if it has been updated... (you can click on either table for a bigger view by the way)

I've started using an external web tool called Google Reader (click here) - I have all the blogs I'm interested in listed on it and only visit the one's I can see are updated - saves time as I don't have to check all the blogs I like to visit, but it also means those guys are getting less visitors.... swings and roundabouts I guess, and gives more time back to make updates to your own blog!

It was a short month but I also managed to get some painting done - see last post for pictures, but I make that 24 points which brings my year to date total up to 312 points - amazing!


  1. COOL that you are keen to connect regarding the 1809 campaign.

    Your blogger listing does not have an email to connect to you.

    Mine is:

    please drop me a line as soon as you can.

  2. There's a similar feature on blogger that I've taken to using. By the way, sorry for not commenting on your St. Nazaire trip, as I was away on honeymoon. Well done and a very useful and interesting post, I enjoyed it greatly.

  3. I wondered how you always managed to get comments on so quickly. Blowed if I can work out how to use it though!

  4. Steve,

    Check out my Saxe-Bearstein blog for a link to some new WSS information just released today.

    -- Jeff