Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rick Wright (1943-2008)...

I heard first thing this morning that Rick Wright the Pink Floyd keyboardist had died, aged 65, following a short cancer caused illness...

I suspect that those of you who frequent here, and read my random musings, will know that I also have a passion for classic rock, and whilst much of what went before in the world of rock music can be quite easily discarded that's not something you can say about any of the Floyd's output over the years.

Along with Gilmour's guitar work, Rick's keyboard playing defined the Floyd sound, and I for one am sorry for his passing; not the least, because (very) selfishly I'll never get to see the Floyd play again and that is always an emotional experience...

I only got to see them once, but what a night - it was the "Division Bell" tour and they were quite simply magnificent... from that tour, this is one of Mr Wright's compositions..

BBC Obituary (click here)


  1. How odd to learn it on a wargaming blog - but I fully share your sentiments (perhaps so much the more a sI'm 64!). Then don't be unfair for the other 2...
    (aka Louys de Monte-Cristo, btw)

  2. I'm a big Pink Floyd fan too and was sad to hear he had passed away. I never got to see them live, just on dvd, on the telly etc

    "Great Gig in the Sky" was always one of my favourite tunes from "Dark Side of the Moon".

    Shine on you crazy diamond...

  3. The Final Cut then. He never got the same level of recognition given to Waters & Gilmore but without him the sound would not have been the same.