Friday, October 03, 2008

Admin and another interesting battlefield walk looms..

Just a short update to put up some blog hit totals and stuff... My background is managing networks so I'm kind of interested (in a geeky way) in statistics ... :o)

First the blog hits (click for a bigger view):

Blimey! Look at those visitors for this site.... anyone would think there might be something interesting to read here*... how does it go?? Ah yes, "His men would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity" - bit like this blog really.. :o))

Then the painting totals (click for a bigger view):

Bit disapointing really - need to get a drift on but I have managed to put out a minimum of one unit a month all year, so I'm not a complete waster. Sitting on the painting table at the moment are a squadron of Austrian Cuirassiers (Peter Pig ECW range) for the War of the Spanish Succession..


~ have just finished doing some updates to the AWI and Sudan project blogs (links to the left) to bring them up to date following recent units being completed, battles fought, links found etc. I'll do a comprehensive clean up of all of them soon and announce it here... I see those project pages as being "scrapbooks" that contain anything and everything I find interesting with regard to the periods in question.

~ Those of you who blog, enjoy blogging, and worry about losing the contents may be interested in this little tool that I found when searching for just such an application WinHTTrack (click here). WinHTTrack is a website copier - basically you download it, install it, fire it up, give it the title of your blog, and it goes off and downloads everything it finds! If it's a big blog you may have to leave it to do it's business for a while, but to give you an idea - my WSS Project blog came out at about 13Mb, this blog however, came out at 250Mb! The tool works by downloading each post as a discreet web page (HTML file) with all the pictures etc in a supporting directory... there's no option (I've seen so far) for taking this data and uploading it (ie. to restore a completely lost blog) but to be honest, if I ever lost the whole blog I wouldn't be too worried as at least I have all the old stuff backed up and safe... Steve-the-Wargamer rates this little tool 9/10 (be even better if you could also do uploads!)

~ Last of all Steve-the-Wargamer has the day off, so i'm just packing the binoculars and camera for a visit to the Cheriton (click here) site. More when I get back....

* Either that, or you all suddenly came back from holiday... :o)


  1. Steve,

    Good thing you're taking the camera . . . we'll want photos.

    -- Jeff

  2. Steve,
    I too look forward to reading about your visit to Cheriton. I have often thought about getting there but never got round to it.