Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The earthworks are complete..

Over the weekend I finally managed to get some time to finish the rest of those trenches and redoubts that I started just before the last AWI campaign game:

I'm really pleased with these - the trenches are a touch big for the 15's (despite being a smaller diameter dowel) but not overly so, and ideal for the 25's.. these redoubts are scaled to 15mm for use in War of the Spanish Succession games:

..and now on to the next project; British cavalry for the Sudan. These are another one of those expensive units, as I'll need mounted and dismounted versions, but also a separate unit depicting horse holders to use when they're dismounted.

Onwards and upwards...! :o)


  1. They look good, Steve. Especially the redoubts.

    -- Jeff

  2. Very nice Steve. I have some gabions etc. which I was planning on using and I think combined with this method should work fine. I've got to go to B&Q this weekend end anyway! And I have a stack of sticks from the cafe at work.

    Did you use any particular sources/images as a guide?