Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oliver Postgate (1925 - 2008)

It was with a quite surprising amount of sadness that I heard this morning on the BBC that Oliver Postgate had died.. I say surprising, because I really hadn't expected it to effect me quite as much as it did.

Oliver Postage is probably not well known outside of a couple of generations of British adults whose childhoods spanned the sixties and seventies, but during that time he made absolutely magical children's programs that I remember even to this day.

He's best known I suppose for Bagpuss, but I especially liked Ivor the Engine, with Noggin the Nog a close second. Even my two spuds like the Clangers (as old as that series is!)

What a shame, I know he was 83, but a little bit of creativity left the world with him yesterday... what a nice, gentle, legacy to leave behind though.

I'll leave you with a video of the first ever episode of Ivor - Oliver does the narration and all the other voices.. it was a different, and simpler, world back then..

BBC News article (click here)
BBC Obituary (click here)


  1. An excellent video. I haven't seen Ivor the engine in years! I heard on the radio this morning an obit for him. He had an extremely distinctive voice and he was very pleasant to listen to. I suspect he wouldn't last long in todays yoof TV.

  2. Have to agree. A sad passing and no doubt only significant to those of an age. I still do Ivor the Engine impressions to the bemusement of many around me! Thanks for posting the vid. Brings back memories...


  3. A very sad loss. Part of my childhood memories died today when he died.

  4. Noggin was my favourite - nothing much ever happened (which was a bit disappointing considering the Viking theme) but his voice was always very reassuring and cosy...

  5. I'm of the age where I can remember Poggles Wood and then followed Oliver's career as he moved onto Ivor & Noggin, Bagpuss and the Clangers. Deemed too slow for a modern audience his creations were dropped from the schedule. Given the drivel put in it's place I can only surmise that the Beed got it horribly wrong.

    Sadly missed.

  6. As a folow up there's an interesting half page obit in the Telegraph today. Apparently Bagpuss was voted the best ever children's TV programme. Interesting family background.

  7. Roly Hermans11/12/2008, 08:51

    That Ivor video was great. I love the choral singing at the end!

    While I don't ever remember seeing "Ivor the Engine" in my childhood, I do have vague but comforting memories of "Noggin the Nog" on here in New Zealand on Sunday afternoons in the early 60s.

  8. Noggin the Nog was the first TV show I remember! I was trying to explain Ivor the Engine to my (American) PA only two weeks ago by Going "Peesh ka too, peesh ka too" around the office.

    After I watched the Clangers for the first time I had my first attempt at making papier mache scenery for my little sister!