Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oliver Postgate (1925 - 2008)

It was with a quite surprising amount of sadness that I heard this morning on the BBC that Oliver Postgate had died.. I say surprising, because I really hadn't expected it to effect me quite as much as it did.

Oliver Postage is probably not well known outside of a couple of generations of British adults whose childhoods spanned the sixties and seventies, but during that time he made absolutely magical children's programs that I remember even to this day.

He's best known I suppose for Bagpuss, but I especially liked Ivor the Engine, with Noggin the Nog a close second. Even my two spuds like the Clangers (as old as that series is!)

What a shame, I know he was 83, but a little bit of creativity left the world with him yesterday... what a nice, gentle, legacy to leave behind though.

I'll leave you with a video of the first ever episode of Ivor - Oliver does the narration and all the other voices.. it was a different, and simpler, world back then..

BBC News article (click here)
BBC Obituary (click here)


  1. An excellent video. I haven't seen Ivor the engine in years! I heard on the radio this morning an obit for him. He had an extremely distinctive voice and he was very pleasant to listen to. I suspect he wouldn't last long in todays yoof TV.

  2. Have to agree. A sad passing and no doubt only significant to those of an age. I still do Ivor the Engine impressions to the bemusement of many around me! Thanks for posting the vid. Brings back memories...


  3. A very sad loss. Part of my childhood memories died today when he died.

  4. Noggin was my favourite - nothing much ever happened (which was a bit disappointing considering the Viking theme) but his voice was always very reassuring and cosy...

  5. I'm of the age where I can remember Poggles Wood and then followed Oliver's career as he moved onto Ivor & Noggin, Bagpuss and the Clangers. Deemed too slow for a modern audience his creations were dropped from the schedule. Given the drivel put in it's place I can only surmise that the Beed got it horribly wrong.

    Sadly missed.

  6. As a folow up there's an interesting half page obit in the Telegraph today. Apparently Bagpuss was voted the best ever children's TV programme. Interesting family background.

  7. That Ivor video was great. I love the choral singing at the end!

    While I don't ever remember seeing "Ivor the Engine" in my childhood, I do have vague but comforting memories of "Noggin the Nog" on here in New Zealand on Sunday afternoons in the early 60s.

  8. Noggin the Nog was the first TV show I remember! I was trying to explain Ivor the Engine to my (American) PA only two weeks ago by Going "Peesh ka too, peesh ka too" around the office.

    After I watched the Clangers for the first time I had my first attempt at making papier mache scenery for my little sister!