Sunday, December 21, 2008


..can someone tell me where those ten days since my last post went???!

In mitigation it's been a mite busy here in Steve-the-Wargamer's household... with two little one's there's been more than a few school productions to see, Christmas Fairs to attend etc. In addition the current Mrs Steve-the-Wargamer and I legged it away for two or three days in the beautiful city of Bath to relax last week, while the grandparents baby-sat (or should that be "truculent teenager-sat"?? )

A lovely time was had by all, the highlights being:

~ the fresh barrel of "Pitchfork" that they'd put on at the Old Green Tree (that's it above left) which slipped down a treat and provided much sustenance and vigour when contemplating more Christmas shopping!

~ a quick trip to Bonaparte's the model soldier shop - impossibly small, but crammed to the gills with exquisitely painted military miniatures, kits, paints, reference books, etc. No purchases this time but a pleasant 30 minutes invested..

~ Bath itself which is a city I particularly like for atmosphere - it may be that it's the west country but I always find people there more relaxed!

..good time anyway.

On the gaming front - in the campaign DG and I are playing we have a "contact" to resolve. My cavalry has managed to catch and contact some of his light infantry - I'm keen to see them dispatched to a clean end! To do that, we are considering playing a game in the style of the interesting little set-to that Stokes is documenting on his Stollen Blog. DG lives some considerable distance away from Steve-the-Wargamer and is not planning to visit before next year, so this is the only way we can easily play the game... The table is set, and the troops deployed, I'm just waiting for DG's agreement that I have adequately transferred units from map to table before we launch into the game. We will of course document it here, but by way of a taster - this is the table (you can click on this for a bigger view)..

In addition, I've just finished painting the WWII vehicles that I picked up at Minifigs on my "day out" the other week - once I've finished basing them I will of course produce some pictures here....

...and that's it for now - Christmas is getting closer chaps - trust you're all behaving yourselves!


  1. With the I go u go system you should be OK if you record everything on film, you just need an unbiased dice roller!

    Not sure about a whole barrel of Pitchfork! Haven't been to the Green Tree in so many years, perhaps I need to find an excuse when I'm next in Bath in January.

  2. A most joyous Solstice to you, Steve. May it presage a wonderful Christmas.

    -- Jeff

  3. Mrs. Kinch and I honeymooned in Bath and London. It's a magnificent city and one we'll always have very fond memories of. I'll always remember watching the Sun rise over the city from Box hill.

  4. Bonapartes is a great shop and I always pick up some interesting out of print book there. My best friends literally live just around the corner so it's a fifteen second walk when I am staying down there, as I did last month!

  5. Hello there Steve,

    I'm watching with baited breath!

    Best Regards,