Friday, January 23, 2009

British Cavalry - Sudan

Time to get back to the nub of the whole thing - little metal men - and here's my first output for 2009... two thirds of the figures to represent a troop of His Majesty's West Sussex Yeomanry (a fictional unit that may have actually exisited in one form or another at some time in the past, but certainly not in the Sudan!)

These figures are all Peter Pig 15mm's..

They show the mounted and dismounted versions of the troop - I still have the three bases of horse holders to do that will mark where the unit dismounts..

In the Sudan, after El Teb* a lot of the British cavalry ended up being armed with "home made" lances and native spears as it was found that when charged, the Dervish would lie down and it was difficult for the cavalry to reach them with just the sword - either way, these guys are not! (* source is Bennet Burleigh)

All in all I'm quite pleased with these guys - I especially liked the effect I got with the Windsor and Newton Peat coloured ink on the helmets.. the uniform was inspired by that worn by the 19th Hussars - they wore the standard grey serge frocks, with Bedford cord pantaloons and home service boots.


  1. Steve - excellent little figures and very nicely painted and based as always. Do the other Peter Pig figures in this range have the same sort of character?


  2. Thanks Stryker - yes they do... one of my favourite 15mm manufacturers in the "modern" school... in fact all their ranges are similarly characterful. They have a lovely WWII range, and I still have their ACW range marked down for that project once I get it off the ground..

  3. Steve,

    I agree. Good-looking troops.

    -- Jeff