Wednesday, February 04, 2009

British cavalry completed.. and some battle honours!

The horse holders being now complete, I can report that Troop No. 2 of the West Sussex Yeomanry have joined His Majesty's forces in the Sudan!

Here they are - front:
..and from the side..

..and here they are as I will use them on the table top - the firing line can move wherever it likes, but must return to the horse holder figures in order to re-mount..

Figures are 15mm, and from the Peter Pig "Patrols in the Sudan" range..

On a totally separate subject I have been so impressed by the performance of that militia unit in the current skirmish at Carnine, that I've decided to give them a battle honour.. yes I know that militia in the American War of Independence were very unlikely to be granted such things, but they are my armies, and I can do what I like! Question is, I can't decide which one I like most, so I've started a poll (see left)! Look forward to seeing which way you go..


Design #2:


  1. Re. Design 2
    In Latin: "Noli Me Calcare!"

  2. Cheers guys - enter your votes in the poll box (top left)... I may even enter a vote myself!

  3. Option 2 ... as I'll try my hardest to make them earn the "Or Death" part :o)

  4. Steve - I really like the look of your horse holders, excellent paint job and basing.

    I've just voted for flag #2 but was dismayed to see it lag behind in the poll...


  5. I prefer #2 as well . . . and I agree about the horse holders.

    -- Jeff

  6. I prefer design 1, but only because it's in colour. If you could add a background colour to #2 then I'd pick that.


  7. I've just got the latest John Wilcox novel out of the library titled "The seige of Khartoum" it'll probably have some good ideas for sudan style skirmishes.

  8. Will - let me know what you think of the Wilcox book? I've had it on my Amazon wish list for a while now...

    ...oh, and thanks for the vote! :o)

  9. Good stuff Steve. I have fond hopes of putting together my own horse holders for my Dragoons some day, but there aren't any available in 1/72 at present.