Sunday, July 12, 2009

More pictures from the Camsix front...

..and in an effort to show that some figure wargaming does actually take place in Steve the Wargamer's (slightly hot and stuffy) loft - some more pictures of the current battle that DG and I are playing via the auspices of the Battle Chronicler* program..

First of all then an overall view of the engagement around Camsix - this shows the river (impassable along it's length), bridge, and the village either side.. click on any picture for a larger view..

A closer view of the village from the British perspective - in the foreground the 35th Foot (Royal Sussex Regiment) on the right, the Infantry regiment Erbprinz (centre) and the Royal Irish Regiment prepare to inflict their worst in the face of the American artillery and one of the two French regiments..

...and how they look from the American perspective..

Next, two views of the hot fighting on and around the bridge.. on the bridge, the 4th Battalion of the Massachusetts Militia (carrying the battle honour they won at Carnine) are crossing the bridge with the British hot on their feet..

Lastly, New York's finest wait the imminent arrival of the British..

Hope you enjoy the pictures - all figures are from Minifigs with the exception of the Sussex Regiment who are from Parkfield Miniatures. More anon!

* Users of said product need to hot foot it to the web site immediately as version 4 is now released!


  1. I am also a "loft player"-but your lighting seems a lot better than mine!


  2. Cheers Matt - just a couple of big fluorescent tubes directly above the table.. :o)

  3. Yes, I enjoy the photos.

    -- Jeff