Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The campaign ends..

..and with a crash and a wallop the AWI campaign that DG and I have been fighting for almost a year and a half now, came to an end when I requested a surrender in the Battle of Camsix (which you may remember me reporting on before I went away on holiday (last move is here))...

The positions were as follows:

The following should help with identifying units referred to:

DG was down that weekend so we took the opportunity to transfer the game from the virtual table top (using Battle Chronicler) to the physical table top to complete, and true to form we had it finished in about an hour or so...

My apologies as the game was some time ago and the memory is not as good as it was (nor ever has been!) so the details are slightly sketchy but DG's troops were in excellent form (as were mine) and he came on in grand style with an all out assault... the attached pictures give a view..

Later in the battle and the Brunswickers of the Prinz Ludwig regiment have now crossed the bridge and are in my rear area - nothing to stop them due to the continued pressure from the front.. it was nicely done I have to admit!In the foreground as part of that frontal assault the 33rd Foot are crossing the earthwork taking bloody mayhem and cold Sheffield steel to the valiant troops of the 2nd New York regiment, who, for the time being at least have managed to stop them in their tracks with a well aimed volley (see the yellow marker indicating they are shaken)

Right flank of the British front and the Hessians are trying their level best to get at the American artillery who have managed to stop them in their tracks for the time being, but are swiftly about to caught up in a European sandwich..

Anyway - numbers counted in the end (as both sides fought honourably) and I was finally forced to surrender as it was clear that I no longer had the troop numbers to put up a good fight.. in a campaign situation, with nowhere to withdraw to, and no troops to retreat with it was a no brainer - I put up a good fight against greater numbers, delayed him, caused casualties that in a historical context he would find more difficult to replace than I will, but nonetheless lost.. I give DG the joy of his victory!!


So what's coming up??

On the wargaming front the evenings are beginning to close in and I have a growing urge to pick up a paint brush, on Sunday this weekend I have the annual visit to Colours (which I'll take a camera to), and on Monday DG is coming round for the first game in the "Raid on St Michel" campaign... looking forward to all of it immensely!

On the sailing front, the weekend after next is the Southampton International Boatshow - looking forward to seeing if there are any bargains, but little'un and I definitely want one of these:

..or perhaps one of these for when SWMBO is onboard..

...and in March...?? I have tickets to see Jethro Tull (again) - woohoo....!!


On the sailing front with the season's close almost upon us (where did it go!!) littlest'un and I had a brilliant day out on Sunday. Having had an additional weeks holiday after we got back from France with the intention of being able to go sailing a few times, the weather during the week had been dreadful - so on the eve of my return to work this was the last and only opportunity.

We took full benefit of a spring tide and had a good 4 to 4.5 hours of cruising ending up well into the Thorney channel (for those who know Chichester Harbour this is one of the offshoots from the main Bosham channel..) - furthest we've been yet, I think..

Winds were stronger than before (tail end of a very windy week all round), grey skies, but when we got to the Bosham channel the sun came out with the flask of tea... serendipity!!

With only a couple of weeks to go before the boats come off the water, thoughts are now turning to the first "overnight'er".... oh, and it'd be nice to see the mileage hit three figures this year..

Distance: 13 miles (95 miles year to date)
Wind: Moderate (Force 3, mostly force 4)


  1. I think that you'll enjoy the "Raid on St Michel" campaign . . . I'm certainly looking forward to it.

    -- Jeff

  2. Been nice following your little campaign. Really need to get my act together and do likewise.

    Nice pics and write up.

    And enjoy Jethro Tull!

  3. Well done Sir!

    Glad to see the good guys triumph, but well fought!

    I hope you enjoy "Raid on St. Michel" - I've been itching to play it and I just can't find my copy which got mislaid in the move.

  4. I have enjoyed your campaign, though nice to see the actual figures moving around at the end.

    It looks like the weather might just bless your final voyages of the season.