Sunday, January 03, 2010

8th Ohio Infantry

A new year so I decided on a new look to the blog... well... you can't keep standing still, can you...

Without further ado, though, and in remembrance of that totally rubbish painting total I turned in last year, the first unit has now left the painting table and is destined for the Shenandoah Valley...

These guys represent the 8th Ohio infantry who according to my web resources were formed from some of the almost 75,000 volunteers who came forward to serve for 3 months following Lincoln's speech after the Confederates bombarded Fort Sumter. All the men in this regiment came from north-eastern Ohio.

The 8th Regiment formally joined the army on June 22, 1861 (after training etc). Following their initial volunteer period many of them went on to volunteer for three years.

From July 1861 through March 1862, the 8th was part of McClellan’s army in the West Virginia Campaign, where they fought lots of skirmishes but no major battles.

In the March, commanded by colonel Samuel Spriggs "Red" Carroll (pictured above), they were moved to the Shenandoah Valley where for the first time they were brigaded with the the 4th Ohio, the 14th Indiana [click here], and 7th West Virginia Infantry - they were to continue serving together for the next two and a half years.

At Kernstown they suffered almost twenty-five percent casualties - losing forty-six men killed or wounded.

They went on to serve at Antietam, Fredericksburg, as reserves during the Chancellorsville Campaign, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania Court House & finally Cold Harbor (the regiment only had 3 weeks of its enlistment left when they were ordered to attack at Cold Harbour - harsh, to say the least).

The regiment officially mustered out of service on July 13, 1864.

For this regiment I painted up five bases (the "usual" seems to be about 4) which in Regimental Fire and Fury terms represents about 400 men... figures (as usual) are Newline Designs, 20mm.

These are rubbish photo's by the way - I'll try and get some better one's this evening! Sad Smileys

Stay tuned, as the next regiment is under-coated even as we speak - truly a veritable juggernaut has been unleashed....


  1. As a native West Virginian, I am very excited to see your version of the 7th. Have you had any luck on finding the regimental flag?

  2. A superb looking unit! I've been looking without success to see if you have an officer figure included in the ranks with those splendid side-burns. Obviously an oversight by Newline...


  3. I like the new look to the site, Steve. Impressive-looking Yanks too!

    Best wishes


  4. Impressive looking outfit and a very impressive output rate. Happy New Year!