Thursday, January 07, 2010


Minus 8'C around here this evening... I know there are places in the world that are colder, but it's very unusual around here...

Stopped off to check Papillon this morning and was presented with this beautiful view... OK, the fact that the car then got stuck is beside the point, a bit of digging and some welcome assistance soon saw me back on less slippery surfaces.. AIM Smileys


  1. Makes me glad that I just have to go out to the garage to visit my toy. It's a motorcycle, though, not a boat (I just don't trust large bodies of water).

  2. Yea, but it reminds me of when I was a responsibilities, FUN....and someone else to do the washing/ironing/cooking etc etc!

    I was looking for wood to make a sledge yesterday (if I remember correctly it took my Dad 30 mins to knock up a sledge!).


  3. Personally I'm grateful for the snow because it means my planned trip to Norway next week is cancelled. the factory I was due to visit is reporting temperatures of -40°C with windchill at the moment.

  4. Chris at this time of the year I don't trust large bodies of water either! :o)

    Matt - you're probably right - it's a sign I'm getting old that I find it merely irritating at the moment!

    Grimsby - your so right - a whole load of years ago I worked for a company that offices in Finland and they sent me to Helsinki in the winter... never been so cold in my entire life.... the lake at the back of the hotel had ice two feet thick...

  5. Hi
    Here at Spain algo we have a cold weather with snow and ice... Time for wargaming isn't it?

  6. I've always like Boatyards in the winter - there's more time to talk swap stories with the other boaters/sailors (at the bar, of course) and you get to focus on what aspects you want to improve on for the next season.

    The Papillon seems to be taking the weather well!

  7. All the more time to paint figures!