Thursday, March 25, 2010

"Game 1" - Move 1

...and we're off...

Here's the orbat I've knocked up - I'll be modifying this as we move through the game - status codes are pure Fire & Fury, they signify at what stages troops drop down the fatigue scale, so as an example, when the 2nd Virginia lose 3 bases they'll be classed as "worn" as opposed to fresh (it may say 4 but remember my bases are double ones)...

On to the game - first off, I needed to decide who'd move first, so in time honoured fashion a D6 was thrown - Union win and move first.

Move 1:

In Fire and Fury Regimental, each sides move is in 3 phases - move/fire/melee

First off then the Union move phase and we need to decide the move distance which is dice and modifier driven.

Union Move:

The Brigade Commander is within 9” (command range) of both regiments so they share the move dice - increased level of control if all units are moving same possible distance..

D10 = 7 (DG and I use 2D10/2 rather than a single D10 as we found that with the single dice the possible range of results gave unrealistic results – a unit could be moving at the double one turn and in the very next turn stood halted just because of the dice throw)

+1 for an Able Commander (Kimball)
+2 for fresh troops
-1 trained troops

Modified dice = Dice +2 = 9 Checking the chart this means the Brigade is ‘well handled’ and will move it’s full rate… (which is 12” in line)

Regiments in line can only move in straight lines backwards of forwards – moving obliquely therefore requires two wheels with a straight bit in the middle.. character smileys

Union Firing phase:

No firing as they are out of range (rifled musket has range of 18”)

Union Charges/melees etc.:

None... same reason.

Confederate Move:

Brigade Commander within 9” of both so they share the move dice

D10 = 5
+1 for an Able Commander (Garnett)
+2 for fresh troops
-1 trained troops
Modified dice = Dice +2 = 7 Brigade is ‘well handled’ (just – one less and we would have had a “tardy” result) and move it’s full rate… 12” in line

Confederate Firing phase:

No firing (as per Union move)

Confederate Charges/melees etc.:


End Move Positions:

So that's the end of move 1 - as we go through further moves I'll start dropping all of the above detail so it should be quicker to write, and read... it's fairly clear that the wall is the major defensive position on the table - looks like the Confederacy should get there first (who knows though?! character smileys)


  1. I have printed out the F&F Regimental rules-just when I thought I had made a firm decision on rules you pull the carpet from under my feet!


  2. Great stuff. Who's who? Are you playing the Federals or the Rebs?

  3. Matt, sorry! :o)) see what you think of the mechanics as I go through the game (i'm still learning too)

    Hi Conrad - me against me.. :o)