Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Raid on St. Michel - Game 3 - "The Battle of St Michel" - the butchers bill..

DG regards the loss of his cavalry with
some equanimity..
As I mentioned to DG earlier today “nothing except a battle lost can be half as melancholy as a battle won” (ascribed to the Duke of Wellington but just as apt to the last battle!)

Being a campaign I rolled saving throws for the casualties in the last game this lunchtime (well the alternative was the rather limp cheese and onion sandwiches in the canteen - no contest!).

I’m working on the tried and trusted campaign casualty rule of 33% killed outright/33% heavily wounded/33% light or no wounds – what is different to normal is that for this campaign given the short time span of the campaign, heavily wounded are also removed from play. So in other words anything on, or under, 33% was a save.

DG and I should really have played to the point where he got his men off the but we chose to end it where we did (we'd run out of time!) so I only rolled for casualties inflicted during the battle. Given my cavalry were chasing his gunners so hard that bystanders were heard to ask whether there was an engagement in the offing we did at least agree that he had lost that gun…

Herewith the butchers bill:


DG had lost a total of 28 SP's in the battle - after saving throws he had lost 22SP’s – a saving of 6… In many ways this battle was the death march of the British cavalry – he lost 3 complete squadrons - very unlucky on saving throws and heavy casualties during the game… there'll be some consolidation of infantry before game 4!


I on the other hand got away with quite astonishingly low casualties - only 11 which I then had the great good luck of saving 6 of! So a total loss of 5SP’s after the saving throws were rolled – I also saved 6…

Roll on game 4!


  1. Hi
    A very bad result for the invaders!
    Waiting to see the next battle

  2. Very nasty for the British. The French no doubt will write it up as another victory (like Waterloo) but it sounds more like a nasty case of the glanders to me.