Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Black Hat Miniatures sure do...

...give excellent service!

In my recent parcel I had a couple of figures with broken barrels on the muskets; the rigours of the British postal system, despite the bubble wrap, had done for them.

So I popped them in the post and asked if Mike would mind swapping them - there were only two, in fact I only sent them because I had a spare envelope sitting round.

Well yesterday back comes a box from Mike (Lewis) at Black Hat with a little bag with my two replacement musketeers..... and a whole load of officer figures, drummers, and a few more musketeers as well!

I've met Mike at the shows, he's a friendly bloke always willing to have a chat with this particular wargaming geek; he'll always have my business - suggest my readers consider doing the same..

The regiment in the original box is destined to become the French Regiment Saintonge (white uniforms, light blue cuffs, white hat lace) - no progress yet I'm afraid, it's been sweltering over the last few days, and the loft (even with the velux open) is like a sauna - the paint is drying even before it hits the pallet!

To be honest I've also been distracted, not only by the weather, but also with the travails of getting my boat fixed - I think we may be getting close to a denouement however, so fingers crossed [click here] that that particular distraction is resolved soon...


  1. Steve,

    It is very nice to read about good customer service.

    When I worked retail many years ago, the store owner always stressed that he wanted us to "make customers, not sales" . . . and that policy pays long term benefits.

    -- Jeff

  2. Mike is the guy who recruited me into the Guildford Wargames club. I mentioned in passing on TMP that there didn't seem to be a club around and he contacted me straight away and set up a game for me. We occasionally play a game of Pirates, Lord of the Rings or gladiators when I can get there..

    AS you say, a top chap!

  3. There are a number of companies, large and small, that offer great after sales service. Black Hat are one of those and in my dealings have found them to be amongst the best.

  4. It's always good to know which miniature suppliers can be trusted and provide the best customer service. I base a lot of my purchases on recommendations from other gamers. I hate risking a new supplier because I'm always paranoid my minis won't turn up - although I don't usually have an issue.

    Thanks for sharing,
    my Fantasy model gallery