Saturday, August 14, 2010

Allied army review....

Can't tell you how much I enjoyed putting all the little guys out - and how surprising it is when you do it, just how many you've managed to paint... laid end to end these would reach well beyond 10 feet - even double ranked as they are they extend across six feet..!

So first then, a review of the Allied army (Franco Bavarian army next), who in the little interlude they inhabit have paraded for their general somewhere in Bavaria, sometime in 1704 - let's suggest just after Blenheim...

First then a review of the army as a whole (and please click on any of the following for a pleasingly bigger view):

..and then each of the divisions.. right flank:

..left flank:

..and now the brigades - right flank to left flank.

First the cavalry - this represents Brigadier General Palmes' brigade - from front to back we have Wyndham's, Schomberg's (my favourites! laughing smileys), Woods, and at the back a Dutch squadron Nassau-Friedland:

This one represents Brigadier General James Ferguson's brigade - Meredith's (left), 1st Foot Guards (right) and Orkney's in the second line - Ferguson can be seen in the middle with one of Marlborough's runners by his side...

Next an ad-hoc brigade - in the front rank we have a Dutch regiment - Beinheim (or Bynheim according to your source), in the second rank a composite regiment comprising the grenadiers from four Austrian regiments.

Next a British brigade - Brigadier General Archibald Rowe's to be precise, comprising in the front row Ingoldsby's (Welch Fusiliers) on the left, and Derring's on the right. The brigadier with runner is in the middle and in the second rank we have Howe's on the left. The regiment on the right is a Dutch regiment, Rechteren's who are part of the next brigade:

Next up the aforesaid Dutch - Major General the Prince of Holstein-Beck's brigade. In the front rank we have the regiments of Goor on the left (and yes, I spotted that the end file have turned round to have a good look at the second rank!), and Heidebrecht on the right with their regimental gun deployed. In the second rank we have the Swiss regiments of Hirzel (left) and Sturler with the Prince between the two lines.

Last of all we have the cavalry of the left flank - Major General Cornelius Wood's brigade, with Cadogan's in the front rank, and behind them Lumley's with Wood alongside. I have still yet to paint Wood's own regiment, so for now they are reinforced with the some Austrian cuirassiers of the Alt-Hanover regiment.

..and no review is complete without a review of the artillery - safely ensconced in their redoubts in this case:

..and just a small part of the commissariat - I'll do a separate post on the transport to do them more justice.

I think he looks quite pleased...laughing smileys

Last of all - a video...

All of these have been painted since the start of July '06 when the project started, that's thirteen battalions of foot, and seven squadrons of cavalry. Makes are many and varied, but fully documented on my WSS project page (link over there to the left).

Not finished yet - I have some more Black Hat infantry to paint, it's also time for some more cavalry (Woods next!)

Trust you enjoyed - just to let you know that I have turned comment moderation on - too much spam - if it tails off I'll turn it off again, but in the meanwhile apologies for the minor irritation...


  1. Hi Steve
    Always is a plaisir to review the own's troops! I like your video. Waiting to see a battle!

  2. Very very impressive, Steve. I'm jealous of all of your lovely units (but jealous in a nice way).

    -- Jeff

  3. I've been planning a review of my own troops for quite some time, but have never managed to pull it off.

    Sigh. Some day.

    This page on my blog may be of interest.

  4. A most enjoyable review and an admirable force.

    I had trouble getting the soundtrack to work on the video though....... had to resort to opening this in a 2nd tab while I revisited the review.

    Great stuff!

  5. Beautiful and inspirational. I have just started to paint some Minifigs WSS troops and seeing your results really help to spur me on.

  6. Most impressive. I think the greatest joy in wargaming is setting up the troops on the table.

  7. Always good to see the fruits of your labours on the tabletop. Especially when they take up a pleasingly LARGE amount of room!

  8. MOST impressive!


  9. You guys are very informative, and also too kind.. thanks for the positive comments...

    Herr Kinch - yes, I saw that when you first posted - very interesting, and quite funny in a sad sort of way... Schomberg's were painted prior to my fixation with doing unit histories so I had to go looking... the regiment was named after their colonel (as usual at this time) who was a Schomberg, but in this case General Meinhardt (Schomberg), 3rd Duke of Schomberg, KG (Duke of Leinster) so definitely a relative of your man "under" the plaque... the regiment went on to become 7th
    (The Princess Royal's)
    Dragoon Guards but there's a fantastic history of the dragoon guard regiments here:

    Ross Mac - got all confused as I knew there wasn't a soundtrack and the I got your drift.. this one might be better though... :o)!v=vTnaD7VtzGo&feature=related

  10. A fine array Steve.
    It makes it all worthwhile doesn't it, to simply lay the little fellows out on the table. Sometimes I even feel it's a shame to spoil the lines by advancing into battle and actually playing a game. Better just to admire the fruits of many hours labour. Well done on a fine army.

  11. Fantastic array there Steve!
    I especially like the ox-drawn wagons - more photos & details would be most welcome