Thursday, November 25, 2010

Figure comparison - Kennington and Newline Designs

One of my purchases at Warfare at the weekend was a pair of American Civil War staff officers from Kennington Miniatures which I bought in order to be able to compare them with my more usual Newline Design figure as a possible alternative sources of figures.. not that I'm unhappy with the Newline Designs figures (far from it!!), but variety is the spice of life as they say!

In the following then we have the two officers either side of a Newline Designs marching trooper..

The Newline figure is smaller (as I'd heard elsewhere), but not to my mind significantly so.....

Kennington figures are £2.75 for four (I believe... it's not specifically stated on the website! ), Newline are £1.75 for four... that's a difference of 69p & 44p per figure roughly - an astonishing difference!

Nice figures, but am I seeing a 35%+ nicer figure??

Unlike Newline, Kennington don't seem to do battalion packs for their ACW range which might bring those prices down; they do have an army pack but at £90 it's too rich and too big for my blood... shame - looks like I'll not be investigating further, but they are nice figures.


  1. I saw Sean of Newline Designs at Claymore earlier this year and I told him about a Napoleonic Austrian comparison I did between Newline and Kennington. Interestingly he told me that he sculpted the Kennington range in the 90's.

  2. Well I never knew that... very interesting!