Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Something tells me I'm a bit of a Dogbert....!

So here we are, it's New Years Eve, and the only question I have is where the hell did 2010 go ???! (and yes, I asked exactly the same question last year) It only seemed like yesterday that it was last Christmas... the years are going past quicker and quicker....

I'm still not a fan of New Years Eve - I'm convinced the world is divided into people who like Christmas Day, and people who like New Year - unfortunately, for all her undoubted strengths, the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer is in the latter camp so I'm being dragged out for the night...

So was 2010 any good???

Painting totals were well up - looking back at my records I painted for 122 points in 2009, but with little chance of increasing the score before this evening I show 286 points this year! Good, but still lagging behind 2008's 473.. Most of the painting this year was driven by the American Civil war project, with just two Marlburian regiments to leaven the total. For next year, for sure there will be more ACW, but I also need to consider some of the other periods - looking at my British foot in the Sudan the other day I did think they were a bit rubbish so I may replace them, I haven't painted any AWI (or gamed it) for far too long, and the Marlburian project is far from completion...

We had 82 posts this year compared with 81 in 2009, so a fairly regular output of about one and a half posts a week, but given I hived off the sailing posts into their own blog, my overall written output was probably up slightly.. that brings my sum total to 378 posts in total since I started way back in February or March 2007..

The heart of any blog though is the readers - I don't ever expect anyone to come by this little corner of the web but not only are there now over a hundred "poor deluded fools" but they also seem to read stuff here! The following are my page hits:

Not surprisingly the "active" projects are the busiest.... I really must get down to some AWI project updates soon!

...and what visitors... some amazing deeds of kindness this year which were really touching (& I mean that honestly - as an Englishmen we don't do non-cynical well! ) So in no order I'd like to (once again) thank ...

Prinz Geoffrey over at the Cavendaria Blog [click here] for Captain Lucien Verbeek, as promised he has been present on all my Sudan battlefields... and this year at least, definitely didn't get in to any scrapes - I can't promise that will remain the case...

I'd also like to thank AJ [click here] for a totally unprompted parcel containing some templates suitable for playing Regimental Fire and Fury... all the way from the US, airmail, and wouldn't accept postage....

...both they, and a shed load of my readers who have offered hints and tips & support, are true ladies and gentlemen of the old school.

..last but not least, thanks to my long suffering opponent DG for some cracking games - both physical and virtual - in 2010! Here's to more in 2011.. & Salute approach'eth!

That's it - see you in 2011, and Happy New Year (he said through gritted teeth), I hope the festivities are not too harrowing..... or too long...


  1. May 2011 bring as much happiness if not more.

  2. Happy New Year. I am not a New Years Eve person either...fortunately neither is Mrs G so I will be in bed by 00.10hrs (after the blooming neighbours fireworks stop!).

    All the best,


  3. I'm also not a New Year's Eve fellow, we'll be quietly at home . . . but I hope that you will enjoy your outing (thus keeping Mrs. Steve happy).

    -- Jeff

  4. Happy New Year from Australia. Keep this great blog running in 2011.

  5. Certainly a good year from a reader's POV. Best of luck in 2011 on the water on the wargames table, on the web and in life in general.