Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Too much going on and not enough time to blog it..!

So in not so short detail....

  • WWII re-basing continues a-pace - practically all the British foot units are completed, I need to order a few slightly bigger bases for the artillery, AFV's and other vehicles... I'll do some comparison shots soon to show the difference, which I think is significant enough to warrant continuing...
  • The first Sudan game using the "A Good Dusting" rules that I mentioned has finally kicked off - I am taking pictures and noting progress.. in summary, two battalions of Imperial foot (one British, and one Sudanese) with a Gatling gun manned by the Royal Navy have been tasked with completing a reconnaissance of a native village where rumours of Dervish activity have been reported. Will they make it to the village to complete their investigations, or will the distant muffled drum sounds metamorphosise into something far more threatening?? For now, here is a shot of our gallant fellows, accompanied as always by their favourite Belgian, the now (in??)famous Captain Lucien Verbeek, observer for his majesty King Leopold II of Belgium mounted on his trusty steed "Teufel" - click on the picture for a far larger/more pleasing view of this example of Queen Victoria's might....

  • I have spent many (geekily happy) moments updating the Campaign Blog to add far more detail to the campaign diary - all the basic campaign rules are now added, and also the outcomes from the first two hours of the actual campaign... my cavalry already have a contact! In real time we are some way ahead of this and DG and I are just starting to play out our first contact using Battle Chronicler. I will make every effort to get up to speed in the next few days....
  • Lastly, somewhat of a milestone, I've just noticed that I now have 100 "poor deluded fools" following the blog.... you're all mad... Free Happy Smileys


  1. Wow - nice looking unit; love the native troops' color. Bet they hold their own in battle too! Dean

  2. Think how much more you could have got done if you hadn't got distracted by making this post! :)
    Congrats on the 100 followers. We're not deluded. You just must be doing something right!
    I'm at 97 at the moment and hoping to make a 100 by the end of the year!
    All the best and look forward to following your progress in 2011

  3. I'm pleased to see your Sudan game has started, looking forward to seeing more of it in due course. I hope that your dice throws are better than my recent efforts though...
    David Bickley

  4. Andy - there's more than a grain of truth in that comment.. though having said that I don't think I'm blogging as much as I used to.. on the other hand I quite enjoy the blog aspect of the hobby so I guess I should stop looking at it as an "overhead"!

    David - blimey I am honoured.. :o)) Gentlemen of the mess can I introduce you to Mr Bickley, the author of the "Good Dusting" Sudan rules... welcome David, hope you'll chime in I'm doing something wrong as I go along - I'd certainly appreciate it...

  5. Thanks for the welcome, Steve! Been a lurker since I found your lovely blog. You can see my Sudan stuff at
    Hope your game is enjoyable!