Friday, January 14, 2011

ACW baggage and WWII re-basing proceeds..

The paint brushes have continued to whirr in Steve the Wargamer's loft and the latest efforts for these are posted further below...

...before we do that however, I also mentioned that I was re-basing my WWII 12mm units as I was unhappy with the old basing now that I'd come up with a better method for the Sudan units..

The following shows the difference between old and new style... this is old style - what I don't like... thin plastic card bases - it warps and you also can't get hold of it, I also don't like having the identification number on the top as I don't need it for Blitzkrieg Commander games, I also don't like the flock I was using....

...and this is the new style - I'm standardising as much as possible on my standard 30 x 30 (mm) bases for the infantry and support weapons (MG's, mortars, flame-throwers etc.) and 50 x 30 for the AFV's, transport and anything that won't fit on a 30 x 30. I'm using builders sharp sand straight from the bag for the scenic texture - no colouring required. The bases are also thicker, so easier to pick up.. The identification number has been put on the bottom..

..and a comparison of both - the new is a big improvement. All I need to do now is push on and finish the British, then start the Germans and the Italians and the transport.....

The paint brushes I mentioned, were working on these which I picked up at the Warfare show in Reading last November... these are destined to provide some baggage from my American Civil war forces. They are by Britannia Miniatures and are from their German WWII range...

All I did was (badly) file down the field caps that the crews were wearing to an approximate appearance of a kepi (very approximate!) after that it was just a paint conversion - with one wagon being painted with Union crew...

and the other Confederate.

..the wagons are outstanding - I should have spent a little more time on the crews, or even shopped around for some purpose made figures.

I'll bear this in mind as I hope to pick up another couple at Salute in April - you can never have too much baggage...


  1. Steve,

    I couldn't agree more on the subject of baggage. I have dozens of wagons, field forges, pack mules and other impedimenta for my Napoleonic forces.

    Did you know Imex make an ACW baggage set? There's an ammunition and a hospital wagon in it which are none too shabby.

  2. Conrad - I agree - for me they add colour and meaning to the battlefield, and as an extra win-win they can often be made the subject of a scenario...

    The IMEX kit looks interesting - I like the ambulance wagon but am not so keen on the ammunition wagon - but they work out at pretty much the same price as the Britannia models - these two were only £4 each, which for the quality of the cast, and a metal and resin kit, is outstanding value...

  3. Hey Steve, can you recommend any rule systems we might consider for pike & shot games?

    (Love the wagon!)

  4. Hi Moif - for your GNW project?? :o)

    Unfortunately not - but I am looking... everyone seems to be saying Black Powder but I'm not so sure based on some reviews I've read by people who's opinion's I tend to agree with...

    I'm hoping to get a copy of the new Fields of Glory Renaissance offering - I'm looking for a regimental set that portrays well the link between pike and shot..

  5. Lik the baggage, but life is too short to rebase.

  6. Hi Steve

    What is GNW?

    FOG Rennaissance is probably going to be my next purchase. I looked it up online and found positive reviews.

  7. Great Northern War.. let me know what you think of the FOG Renaissance rules as I have them in mind as well for an English Civil War project...