Saturday, January 08, 2011

AutoREALM mapping software

It's no secret that Steve-the-Wargamer is artistically "challenged" - not for me the beautiful Henry Hyde designed campaign maps painstakingly drawn by hand, and then coloured for effect - mine always ended up looking like some of the early examples that my little'uns used to bring back from painting mornings at nursery school. It was with a profound relief to myself then, when Mr Gates finally invented the PC, and unleashed a world of opportunities for my artistic wargaming endeavours...

It's also no secret then, that I have a deep interest in all applications that support those wargaming endeavours - I love mapping software, campaigning software, even spreadsheet applications for record keeping.

In the past I've blogged about the truly excellent Battle Chronicler [click here] in this post [click here] which has now formed a permanent part of my campaign armoury. For tactical level mapping, and game recording, I believe it has no equal - DG and I are fighting the first game in the ACW campaign even as we speak using this tool...

At the strategic level I have tended to use GameMappr for my mapping requirements but then yesterday one of the guys on the Solo Wargames Yahoo group pointed me at this little application which looks absolutely brilliant...

AutoREALM [click here]

It's free, and with it all your campaign mapping requirements could be met very easily - here's an example map from the website..

I'm looking forward to having a play over the weekend, but in the meanwhile it is unashamedly added to the list of wargaming resources listed on the left..

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  1. This looks quite interesting. Will be nice when it runs on Linux as well but it seems to run well under Wine (don't we all!) so I'm looking forward to giving it a whirl as maybe something to put together my Imagi-Nation map.
    Thanks for the link!