Friday, January 28, 2011 might think...

...that it was a mite quiet round here - but you'd be wrong... lots and lots going on but no time to blog it - and as I've said before that's the way it should be.. free smileys

So what's been going on?? Well a fair amount - most of it in the American Civil War campaign that DG and I are playing. Those of you following the campaign blog will have noted a distinct lack of posts over the last few weeks but that's because DG and I have been playing out the first major engagement of the campaign, the Battle of Rogersburg...

Anyway I have now updated the campaign dairy with the first half of day two, up to the start of the set-to. we're using Battle Chronicler for this and it's my intention to put this up as a downloadable file so that anyone who has Battle Chronicler can play the game through from beginning to end and see the battle notes etc. It really is quite impressive to see your little regiments marching across the virtual table top under their own volition...

Stay tuned to the campaign diary for the outcomes of this battle, but I'll record it more traditionally as well for those who don't want to use Battle Chronicler,having said that, as a virtual game, there was precious little lead being pushed around, and an animated board game is not everyone's cup of tea... free smileys

For the first time in months I bought this months copy of "Wargames Illustrated" - I remain unconvinced with the new 'format' - the magazine is becoming more and more a house organ for Osprey and Flames of War - a WWII version of "White Dwarf but this month was an exception and is a Sudan special - specifically the period of the Relief Expedition to relieve Gordon at Khartoum, and very good the articles are as well - lots and lots of pretty Perry Miniature's figures, Osprey maps, and some very readable articles - the Perry twins even allowed some excerpts from their recent book on the campaign"Go Strong into the Desert" to be included.. fantastic book by the way - more than certain I will be coming back from Salute in April with a copy...

It also has an article by David Bickley who some of you will know form here as the author of "A Good Dusting" the Sudan rules I played recently - not read it yet but it looks promising, and promises an insight into the thinking behind the rules... always an interesting read.

...and then as if by coincidence I was reading one of the Yahoo groups I belong to ("Science versus Pluck" the group for gamers interested in the Colonial/Sudan rules of the same name), and they mentioned the following post which has some of quite the best painting of Dervish I've ever seen.... click on the picture to be taken to more examples... hats off indeed to the painters - simply stunning!

How worried would that make you feel if you caught a glimpse of those guys!

Separately, I've also finished the WWII British re-basing - just the Germans and italians to go... I actually like basing so it's not an onerous job.... I tend to do a half dozen before I got to work in the morning, but last night I had a major session.

..and the evidence, just the one's on the right to finish off.

...oh, and here's the scene of the crime!! free smileys


  1. Good to hear your still alive and kicking Steve and many thanks for the painting link.

  2. Ah, I've been in Istanbul all week so hadn't noticed the new magazines coming out. A Sudan special is a must have! Off to Kingston tomnorrow! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Glad to hear you're getting a spot of gaming done.

  4. And to make the magazine even better several of the photos were done at The Grimsby wargames club using the extensive collections of the members.
    What's the mirror for over the desk?

  5. Ta chaps..

    CK - gaming perhaps, but not a tad on pushing the real little metal men across the tabletop...

    Paul - they do feature - and very admirable they are.... the mirror by the way is not for admiring my rugged good looks whilst painting, but for watching the TV which is on the other side of the loft behind me! :o))