Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal wedding...

Well bless my cynical heart but I enjoyed the events today - it's curiously addictive, watching the talking heads at the BBC (other TV coverage was available ) rambling their way through what must certainly be seen in the future as a major historical event..

I suspect, of course, that like most of my usual readers I may have been watching for something other than the usual reasons, however...

Household cavalry mounted regiment... both regiments were present in the parade, and for other ceremonial functions.. these are the Life Guards

..and these are the other regiment, the Blues and Royals....

The foot contingent was made up of the Irish Guards - with their mascot, who is quite magnificent...

The Coldstream's provided some of the music..

...look at those battle honours...

..the band of the Welsh Guards also performed..., along with a flypast by the Battle of Britain memorial flight, are you really telling me that there isn't still something for the wargamer to enjoy while the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer is checking out the dress???


  1. Whatever my personal views on the monarchy there is no arguement that nobody puts on a dispaly of martial pomp and splendour like us Brits. Troops in Bearskins and red - can't beat it. As for the mounted guard - just sheer bloody fantastic.
    And I have to admit the bride looked rather nice too!

  2. As a not so closeted Royalist, all I can say is that we enjoyed it immensely.

  3. Great pics! Makes you proud to be British!

  4. As another Royalist I must say all at the Duchy had a fantastic day's vewing!

  5. Always happy to stand up and declare as a monarchist - a great day and a great celebration.

  6. I agree Steve. I had remained a sceptic about the whole thing on political grounds, then due to the media hogwash - but with Heather enjoying every minute it was hard not to get caught up in the moment and enjoy being part of something bigger - being British.

    Plus the Middleton sisters were eminently watchable.


  7. We're a sad bunch of muppets - the male wargamer is clearly predictable! Paul (Grimsby) you have my approach to the day to a T... both those Middleton girls are stunning...

  8. As a mostly Royalist- the alternatives are far too terrifying to contemplate... I mostly didn't watch- been there done that seen it all before The Troop The Tournamant etc etc mainly because I can't stand the fawning media hacks drooling.

  9. William and Kate are apparently safely holed up in Frogmore House which is in the grounds of Windsor Castle and is less than a quarter of a mile away. Their helicopter arrived yesterday from Buck Pal. Windsor is awash with flags and bunting so not many roundheads around here and lots of street paties and community spirit. Britain at its v best


  10. Where's Cromwell when he's needed?