Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mixed blessings..

Without a doubt it's been a mixed week - what with the Blogger problems this week (not been able to make posts for a few days) it's the first opportunity I've had to put up a post, but it didn't start well when DG gave me a call at the beginning of the week to let me know that my good friend John "Lofty C" Corrigan had passed away..

I met John via DG as at one time they lived across the road from reach other. John was an ex-Royal Marine, and an old school wargamer in the truest sense, as he has at time played with some of the old authors, he certainly regaled me with stories of gaming at the Wessex Wargames Society in Southampton with Don Featherstone (John wasn't keen to repeat the experience - he said they all argued too much! aim smileys)

He was an inveterate figure collector, but was first and foremost a painter - the gaming always came second. Over the years he must have turned out thousands and thousands of little metal men in his neat painted style.. when I first met him he was a huge fan of Minifigs, but over the years he started to buy other figures - especially Foundry (Imperial Romans!).

He was also one of the most generous guys I know - when he heard I was starting up a new project for the American War of Independence, and that I was planning to use 20mm plastic figures from Airfix and Revell, he passed me his entire collection of painted Minifigs - literally hundreds of figures that you will have seen many times in my various table top battles....

Over the years he slowed down with age, and stopped going to the shows (I have good memories of him coming back from Warfare when it was still at the Hexagon, loaded down with "loot" that had caught his eye) and I didn't see him quite so much - but none the less it was still a shock to hear he'd died... RIP, John..

The week ended much better - but I'll blog that separately..


  1. Sorry to hear of the loss Steve. I didn't know the man but he sounds like the sort that makes this such a great hobby.

    Such friends are always missed and worth remembering.


  2. Sad news old chap. My condolences.

  3. PendragonWithout15/05/2011, 15:06

    Hi Steve,
    Enjoy your blog very much, and extremely sad to hear of John's death. Back in the late 70's/early 80's I had the pleasure to work with John, and he continually encouraged me in my collecting and gaming. Not a week went by without him bringing in a magazine or book or model for me on whatever it was I currently into. I fondly remember touring the Royal Marines Museum with him, where he proudly pointed out the exhibits he had painted! I can see him now sat in his consevatory with his illuminated magnifier and yet another box of minifgs. My condolences to you Steve, and anyone else who had the pleasure to know him. RIP Big John.

  4. Thanks guys, especially Pendragon - that's a nice memory and describes the guy to a tee...