Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Book bargains and stuff...

Lest you think all is quite here in the Steve the Wargamer world, think on... it is NEVER quiet in Steve the Wargamer land as he is the sole male (apart from Harvey the cat), in a household of four females - two of them teenagers... makes for a busy life.... in between trips to the supermarket (they eat a lot), taxi services, and other family activities however, some wargaming related activity has been taking place... more so as the weather in the UK over the last fortnight has been particularly unsuited to sailing thus allowing more time in the Loftwaffe (the scene of some of my greatest triumphs, etc etc Free Happy Smileys)

On the wargaming front:

~ the WWII re-basing project proceeds apace.. there's only so many pictures of units being re-based you can safely expect your readers to look at though... this activity has now been ongoing for a few weeks - but then I was quite surprised at how many bases I had to actually re-base. Anyway - the British are done, as are the Germans - I've now started on the Italians - after them there's just the transport to do and they're all done... I think I'll celebrate with a game once they're done...

~ the ACW campaign is also progressing - DG and I are still playing out the Battle of Waynes Junction (the second battle in the campaign) and I would say that at the moment it's still hanging in the balance - I have to win the battle however, or I lose the campaign objective... once the battle is over, I'll bring the campaign diary blog up to date...

~ whilst out shopping last weekend I happened to browse through the selection at our local discount book shop - you know the kind of place, new books, but at a fraction of the price - where I was more than happy to pick up a copy of the following:

So what you're thinking - there must be a million books like that... well normally I'd agree, but in this case the book really is a cut above the rest due to the quality of the illustrations - outstanding maps, and uniform/equipment illustrations....

...Amazon has the book for £15, I got the book for a nerve shattering £2 - well worth it!! Free Happy Smileys


  1. Great purchase. At that price you can suffer the "haven't you got enough books already?" comment that inevitably comes from the quatermaster generals office.

  2. I find an offer to build shelving (which I then fill with books) goes a long way.

  3. Little do my family know it is books and not loft lagging which keeps the house warm in winter!