Tuesday, June 21, 2011

'Nuff said..

Positively the last post on the subject, but I thought you might appreciate a quick view of the New York regiment parading their new colours (which have only recently recently been found, lovingly folded and preserved in a blanket box belonging to the widow of the last commanding officer of the regiment)...

It's all good fun... Free Happy Smileys


  1. I have really enjoyed this series of posts. I have many of the same in boxes some finished and some not.

    An inspiration to sort and base, after all they do look remarkably nice units.

  2. Thanks John... as a range the Minfigs figures are very attractive (in my eyes)... not exaggerated in scale - they look like little men; a homogeneous look - the range is huge, but each figure is perfectly in scale and "shape"... and I like their faces - no defined features, but the "squashed" look is handsome! :o)

    I've really enjoyed getting them out and spending some "quality time" with them - other than games it's probably the first time I've done it since I first got them from John - I find my errors in identification particularly amusing (but unusually for me refuse to get worried about it!)

  3. I especially like the numbered bases, just for fun though.

  4. Great series of posts Steve, I always appreciate some minifig action and AWI to boot, whats not to like?


  5. Pretty! Like the house in the background too!

  6. A very good series of posts there. I like the Minifigs ranges too.