Sunday, August 07, 2011

...and he returns...

...sun kissed, from the shores of the Ionian where he lay for two solid weeks on various laying down apparatuses (aparatii??) in close proximity to all fluid types (sea water, pool, and Mythos) at all times, and on the island of Kefalonia.. and no, not once did I hear a mandolin but I did eat a lot of feta cheese and tzatziki.... Free Happy Smileys

Many books read, but with daytime temperatures of about 34', sun every day, and not a cloud in the sky, although the spirit was willing the flesh was weak, and not much actual wargaming activity was undertaken (I took my trusty travelling kit with me), but I did read some good books... reviews anon, once I've waded through two weeks of emails..... Free Happy Smileys


  1. Is sound amazing!
    Welcome back to the real world!

  2. Mmmmm feta cheese.....

    Welcome back


  3. Batteries recharged always a good thing. Glad to hear you had a relacxing time.

  4. Welcome back, Feta rules!!!

  5. welcome back. Went to Kefalonia a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it except for 2 things - I have never seen so many wasps in my life. They made a bee line for our pool and I spent 2 weeks attacking them with a table tennis bat. Secondly on the last night at a pleasant restaurant at Sami harbour I thought what was needed was a huge plate of fruit de mer ie crab, lobster etc. Shock horror when it arrived they had deep fried everything.


  6. Cheers chaps... really must get my act in gear and get some pukka wargaming posts up!

    Guy - wasps still in evidence - part of the fun during the two weeks was inventing ever more ingenious wasp traps, and ever more enticing bait! Only one sting in the two weeks, but as I "scored" high teens I definitely won..

  7. Had a lovely sailing holiday in the Ionian twenty years ago. Kephalonia, Paxos, Ithaca etc. Some dodgy katabatic winds I recall!

    Cowes is not quite the same!