Monday, August 22, 2011


Only £10 in my local Tesco at the moment - practically tore the shelf down I was in such a hurry!! smileys


  1. Blimey! That's cheap, I better go visit my local Tesco!!!! Cheers for the info!!!!!

  2. Good price, now where's my nearest Tesco?

  3. NO I am not going to play island hopping WW2 games, I am not, stop tempting me, and I have to go to Tesco's and I have a discount voucher I have to spend. It's just not fair

  4. I'm hoping I'll be able to show the same reserve I did when watching Band of Brothers... (when I didn't rush off and buy a whole load of American Airborn!)

    Even so - not a bad price for five or six DVD's in the box set... special features etc... best of luck finding a copy, chaps!

  5. Rather good deal and its good to have a reason to pop into Tesco as I can't stand them.

    Steve are you able to send me the Peter Guilder Sudan rules again?

    Deleted the last set by mistake and and many thanks if you can.

    Got something big on the Sudan front lined up for next year.

    Also just thought I would point out that Phil took down his War Cabinet site.

    Cheers Paul D.

  6. Paul - Sudan stuff on its way...

    Re. the War Cabinet, see here:

  7. Bargain!I was looking at that recently in one of the local DVD shops and they wanted £30. I'm off to Tescos.


  8. I'm sorry to say that even as tempting as that price is I refuse to put a single pound in the pocket of Tesco.