Saturday, September 03, 2011

Back to school days...

So there I am... two hours of unaccustomed isolation thrust upon me, some time in the loft to look forwards to (family all either working or doing other stuff), just settling down to the painting table to finish off the Tigers and on the TV comes "Death on the Nile", and almost lost among the (stellar) cast we spot....

...and I am instantly transported back to a hot sunny afternoon, in the school hall with the curtains pulled, aged just less than 16, & watching a film of my O Level English Literature course book... sigh.....

...virtual prizes, but actual kudos to the first to identify who she is, and what the course book was... celebrity fashion gallery


  1. Would that have been young Olivia Hussey in the film version of "Romeo & Juliet" Steve? It was a fine piece of work, and the movie was pretty good too ;-)


  2. Bravo Bill & within 15 minutes at most!

    Ah... I went to an all boys school but you could have heard a pin drop in that hall full of spotty, testosterone driven boys the moment she came on the screen.... :o)

  3. Yum, yum! Love Death on the Nile! One day I want to go up the Nile on a steamboat. Olivia Hussey as a companion would be perfect (even now she still looks great at 60!)

  4. I'm too late, of course, but I also immediately identified the lady and film . . . of course I do have it in my DVD collection.

    -- Jeff

  5. I'm also late.... but this girl was so beautiful... I still remember her!

  6. Gentlemen - clearly we are of a single mind... :o)

  7. She's the girl who sat next to me in science and I totally blew it. Now she's married to somebody else.