Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Difficult to believe..

..that the lost post was ten days ago, but the dates don't lie - I can only plead "Christmas" in mitigation...

Running around like a blue ars*d fly at the moment either getting ready for the big day or on aligned activities - social events, shopping, wrapping, add in eating, working and sleeping, and that's it... not time left for wargaming - asolutely worn out...  the boat is being ignored as well....

In a particulalrly arid hobby patch I did have a good day in the loft on Sunday having a massive clear out.. three bin bags of various books, folders, papers, video's (that I can no longer play!) and assorted "stuff" have made their way to the garage where in the end they'll make their way to either tip or charity shop....

I'm continuing to play the Battle of Waynes Junction which winds it's way towards a close....I'll put a report up when it finishes but it's going to be a close finish...

Other than that, the perrenial wargamers standby is a good read and I'm currently well over half way through The Praetorian - no complaints - watch here for a full review when I've finished it....

In the meanwhile.......only 5 days to go!


  1. I know what you mean, my butts not touched down in days and I'm back to work on Thursday night, boo hoo!! I've not picked up a brush in a week, believe me that's bad!!

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how blooming knackering it is getting ready for the relaxing family Christmas!

  3. Best of luck getting some hobby time Steve.

  4. same here, flat out like a lizard drinking.... it'll be over soon, then I'll have my hangover to contend with.


  5. My wife has taken on a part time job- except its full time at the moment so we haven't even got our Christmas decorations up. For some reason I thought that there was still a week or so to go!

  6. Cheers chaps.... and Legatus? For some unexplained reason I feel a whole lot better now!

  7. In contrast we have has the trees (yes,trees - each daughter had to decorate their own tree) up for a couple of weeks. The out laws have apparently arrived, I have just had a long and leisurely lunch in the pub and am ready for the fray.
    I am hoping for this latest Scarrow in my pressies.