Thursday, December 08, 2011

He's back...

...rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated....

...but the current Mrs Steve the Wargamer and I are freshly returned from three nights in Bath for our traditional pre-Christmas trip....

...not bad for a view from the bedroom window.....
...quite astonishing quantities of carbohydrate were consumed, along with copious draughts of the landlord & vintners finest....

...and what can you say to a view like this outside your front door??
...and both of us have come back "larger" than when we went...  and also tired out, never seen crowds like it - I won't believe anyone who tells me that we are currently in a recession - the good folk of Bath were certainly spending on Christmas fit to bust! wargaming or military visits to report (I'd wanted to go to Landsdown which is just up the road but we simply didn't have time) but as a parent there is something very sybaritic about being able to sit in a pub (that's it just above - next door to the Firehouse.. both are thoroughly recommended)  the whole afternoon on a Sunday and read the papers from back to front.....

...normal service should be resumed soon...


  1. I'm glad that you and your lady wife were able to enjoy a little holiday to lead into the Holidays.

    -- Jeff

  2. Welcome back again to wargaming world!

  3. Good to hear a quite time was had!

  4. Always good to get a break. I know what you mean about shopping - mad!

  5. Bath Ales - lucky guy, I cycled past the brewery a couple of weeks ago and the smell was magnificent.

  6. Will - not only that but they had "Festivity" on pump as well, and that would warm the cockles of even a zombies heart!

  7. Bath is a fantastic place, went there many moons ago when we were just married and we have always said we should go back now the kids are a bit older. Real Ale as well, lovely!

  8. Hi Steve - Actually this year they have really pushed the Christmas Market and brought in bus loads of visitors (we counted 30 parked on one of the main roads in to town a couple of days ago!). Glad you enjoyed your stay in my "adopted" town.


  9. Stryker - the Christmas market was brilliant - especially after dark when you get the effects of the lights... on Saturday we were having a conversation with someone who told us there were 30,000 extra visitors that day due to the rugby and football teams playing at home! :o))

    Have a beer for me in the Green Tree.... sigh....

  10. My intro to real ales was in Bath in the late seventies ... complete with sediment at the bottom of the glass! (didn't put me off but I'm slightly more fussy now with my ale!)


  11. Bath's a very nice place, glad you enjoyed yourselves!!

  12. A wonderful spot - Mrs Kinch and I honeymooned there.