Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes you know..

...that you got very lucky indeed on Christmas day..

...now that* should make blogging a little easier!

* A Hewlett Packard Mini 210-3025sa Netbook in Grey no less...and as an unalloyed geek...  a thing of total beauty..


  1. Nah' figures are better, but maybe I'll get one for the missus's birthday (Guess who'll get to use it)

  2. Ha - Ray has it in one.... :o))

    Technology is moving forwards faster and faster, for cheaper and cheaper... the Netbook is a good example - it's small, light (I could carry it in my coat pocket), has a small camera (for Skype etc), 250Gb of storage, and yet is only a couple of hundred spondoolicks... amazing really... oh and it's only slightly slower than my desktop, "proper", PC...! The plan is to use it for Visual Basic programming (wargame rules assistant), blogging when I can't be bothered to go up to the loft, internet ditto, and for when I go away....

  3. I use a Samsung netbook a lot. Excellent little tool. Unless you want to write a document or spreadsheet because they don't come as part of the OS. Problem is that I now want a tablet because they are even faster and have more to offer!

  4. Well done - you can now write and publish a blog-post in the time it takes my laptop to boot up!