Friday, February 03, 2012

27th Virginia Infantry

Colonel John Echols commanding officer
27th Virginia Infantry
(courtesy of Wikipedia)
Steve the Wargamer is having a veritable painting frenzy...  2012 has started well....

Next off the chocks some more reinforcements for the ACW project... first on the side of the Confederacy

These guys represent the 27th Virginia Volunteer Infantry who at Kernstown were commanded by  Colonel John Echols (that's him to the left) who was severely wounded at the battle.

The regiment served in the Stonewall Brigade along with fellow regiments the 2nd Virginia Infantry [click here], 4th Virginia Infantry [click here], 5th Virginia Infantry, 33rd Virginia Infantry, Rockbridge Battery, West Augusta Battery, and Carpenter's Virginia Battery [click here]....

John Echols had formed the "Monroe Guard" in 1859 following John Brown's raid at Harper's Ferry, they were part of the Rockbridge Militia company. The company came from Monroe County, Virginia and left Union, the county seat, on May 13, 1861 under the command of Captain Hugh Tiffany. Company D joined six other companies at Harper's Ferry to form the 27th Virginia Infantry Regiment. The regiment was organized in May, 1861, and accepted into Confederate service in July...

Quite pleased with the motley look that these guys have - Reb regiments were far more varied in appearance than their Union opponents.....

The 27th fought at First Manassas, where it earned the nickname “the Bloody 27th” because of its losses, Kernstown, and in Jackson's Valley Campaign. It then participated in the campaign of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbour, moved with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, and was active around Appomattox.

The regiment reported 57 casualties at Kernstown and only 1 officer and 20 men surrendered at Appomattox.

Theoretically, they had 300 men at Kernstown - clearly they were still low on numbers following the events at Manassas, as even by Confederate standards this was a small regiment...  in Fire and Fury Regimental terms, at 40 men per stand, that's about 8 bases - I mount my figures on double bases, hence 4 stands....

Echols himself - the yellow represents a triumph in itself being my first use of the Valejo yellow I bought at Warfare - superb!! Echols was heard to have words with the drummer ...  clearly he's spent far too long hanging around with those rough zouave types!
So... 16 figures, all Newline Designs 20mm for a total of 16 points - next up a Union regiment - the 84th Pennsylvania I think....


  1. Excellent job! Did you get the signal tower in the end? I hope to finish mine this weekend.

  2. Steve,
    The officer looks great!!! Love the detail. Great looking troops and very inspiring to me to break out my own ACW guys and restart that project.


  3. Excellent Steve. Great bunch of Reb's.

  4. Matt - ordered, just waiting for it to arrive... SHQ don't appear to be big on communications so no idea when that will be!