Friday, August 17, 2012

20 Questions for Reject Ray...

Over on the "Don't Throw a One" blog, Posties Reject member Ray posted a cracking little post asking his fellow bloggers to also answer an interesting set of questions..  so here goes....

1.       Favourite Wargaming period and why? 

That's very difficult as all the periods I wargame in are favourites, but if I had to choose between all of them then probably my favourite would be Marlburian - simply because the period has everything, lots of different troop types, multiple theatres of war, colourful uniforms that aren't too difficult to paint (unlike Napoleonic)...

2.       Next period, money no object?

English Civil War in either 25 or 20mm - I suspect however it will be 15mm in reality - and no idea when I will have enough free cycles to start it... the priority will be finding a set of rules I like - regimental level, properly modelling the interaction between pike and musket...

3.       Favourite 5 films?

These are the films I watch over and over again...
  1. Last of the Mohicans (Daniel Day Lewis version)
  2. Day of the Jackal (Edward Fox version)
  3. Where Eagles Dare
  4. Shawshank Redemption
  5. Bridge Too Far/D-Day Longest Day - a tie.... 
4.       Favourite 5 TV series?
Hmmm.....  a moveable feast....
  1. Zen (what were the BBC up to not commissioning the second series??)
  2. Sherlock Holmes (either Cumberbatch or Brett version - but if only one, then Cumberbatch by a whisker)
  3. Dad's Army
  4. Lewis/Morse
  5. Wallander (BBC/Branagh version)
5.       Favourite book and author?
Patrick O'Brien - any of the Aubrey/Maturin books - "Master and Commander" if I have to pick one..

6.       Greatest General? Can’t count yourself!!
Marlborough - no contest - undoubtedly "Britain's forgotten genius"...

7.       Favourite Wargames rules?
Will McNally's AWI/SYW rules..  never fail to give a good game, challenging, but simple to play...  oh, and free......

8.       Favourite Sport and team?
Never really been that in to team sports bar supporting Bath Rugby in a fairly lacklustre way since the days of Jerry Guscott...

So no surprises given my other interests when I plump for sailing - especially the long distance single handers (Volvo ocean race etc) - endless gob smacked by their tenacity/stamina/intelligence/bravery and skill...  some of them are fairly attractive as well...  though they aren't all as good looking as Sam Davies (left)... 

9.        If you had a only use once time machine, when and where would you go?

10.   Last meal on Death Row?

Roast lamb and all the trimmings followed by Spotted Dick and custard, and accompanied by a few pints of Pitchfork...

11.    Fantasy relationship and why?

...'nuff said...

12.   If your life were a movie, who would play you?

Danny Devito...

13.   Favourite Comic  Superhero?


14.   Favourite Military quote?

"It is a good day to die, but the day is not yet over.."

15.   Historical destination to visit?

London, but I have a particular affection for Cheriton...

16.   Biggest Wargaming regret?

Not having started to collect Wargamer's Newsletter when they first came out... and not having travelled the 20 miles to have attended the Wessex Military Society in its hey day...

17.   Favourite Fantasy job?

I don't have one...  a job soon pays paid to fantasy..  best to keep it a fantasy...

18.   Favourite Song Top 5?
  • Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty
  • Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
  • Voodoo Chile - Hendrix
  • Rocky Mountain Way - Joe Walsh
  • Wish You were Here - Floyd
...and on and on....

19.   Favourite Wargaming Moment?

Just occasionally I get the break through second charge with my cavalry - an all too rare moment....

20.   The miserable Git question, what upsets you?

People on mobile phones in public
People who drop litter
Drivers who drive to close to the pavement (I'm a cyclist)
Drivers who cut you up when you're on a bicycle (what's that about??) 


Cheers Ray - enjoyed that!


  1. Thanks Steve, you had some great answers here. I had a toss up between Napoleon and Malborough, Bonie won by a whisker and a half. I missed the first episode of Zen , so I didn't watch any of them, but I'd heard it was good. Kate Bush...oh yes!!!

  2. Mmmmmmm, .... Kate... A most excellent choice. I think I caused myself some serious injury over Kate during the late 70's ... Lol!

    1. Oh yes... imagine if you will (in fact you'd probably prefer not to) the sixth form common room at an all boys school... Tuesday lunchtime when they announced the new top 20 during her run of Wuthering Heights... you could have run a power station off that atmosphere! :o))

  3. I remember hearing and not the announcemnt on CHOM FM that they were getting together some buses to head across the border to Woodstock but I was 14 with no money, no permission and no idea just what an event I was missing so I stayed home and played with my airfix figures. Probably would have changed my life in untold ways!

    1. Ross- SO close.... I was only 9 and the wrong side of the Atlantic..... life is full of such missed opportunities though... when I was at Uni I had a Christmas job with the post office, and the guy I worked with was at the Isle of Wight in '70... it was his life's misery that he'd been asleep when Hendrix played.. :o))

    2. Woodstock happened ON my 17th birthday. A friend and I had the plans all made, maps, etc., to get from the middle of Texas to upstate New York, convinced the parents we were going on a camping trip. Then the word leaked, we both lost our cars, and had to wait for the album and movie to come out. However, we did manage to attend a very similar event in Georgia (2nd Atlanta International Pop Festival) the very next year for July 4th weekend. Hendrix closed out the night of the 4th, of course with the "Star Spangled Banner". It was also the Allman Brothers homecoming after their triumphant tour from which the Fillmore East album was taken. You can Google the festival to see who performed. Somehow we survived it, had the car undergo an epic morale failure after 100 miles on the way back and hitchhiked the rest of the way from Georgia to Ft. Worth, Texas.

      Good times that I would happily repeat, and would brain the lot of my kids if they tried the same ;-)


  4. Great answers and it is interesting to see other answers.

  5. Why would mobile phones in *public* upset you? After all, mobiles were designed so you could be reached when you were not at home, but out in the public! LOL

    1. :o)) yeah yeah yeah.. but no one has to give a reason for being grumpy... the numpty's that irritate me are the ne's who talk at top volume about inanities... I think of my mobile as an emergency radio and use it as such.. probably why it's still black and white & doesn't have a camera!

  6. Good answers with a big nod to last of the Last of the Mohicans. People talking on mobile phones don't bother me......unless they are operating some motorized vehicle then it sure does or even worse texting!!


  7. Very much like your choice of illustrations for this review. Recent Olympic coverage introduced me to Shirley Robertson as a rather appealing sailing companion I thought.....

  8. Some great answers there mate - just did my "20 Answers" too :-)

    Maybe you were at Woodstock but just don't remember it !!!