Monday, September 24, 2012

A funny thing happened on my way to the redoubt.... moves 3 to 8 (Queen)

There are games where you can't wait to get back to the table to find out what happens - bit like a good book in fact - this is one of them... 

Move 8 - The Green Mountain Boys make themselves at home - I may well allow them to man the gun in return for some SP's..
So where we left it the Green Mountain Boys had completely turned the tables on the Hessians by having the temerity to (almost) capture the redoubt ... the "almost" bit is important as they still had to clear the artillery...

Move 8 - The wagons have drawn to a halt while the Hessian guard start to deploy for the inevitable attack on the redoubt... in the foreground the New York regiment have deployed - on the left the British Dragoons have been acting as flank guard - there was only a 16% chance (1 in 6!) that someone would arrive behind them and where did the Americans turn up??! The Brunswicker's continue to rout.....

This proved to be far harder to do than they had found with the Brunswicker's, and in the end after two failed charges in the face of concentrated cannister, a well aimed volley finally resulted in the morale checks, and more importantly failures, that resulted in the gun crew running for their lives.

The Brunswicker's, as we speak (end turn 8), are still routing - they managed to recover for one move but broke again the next turn - poor dice throws leading to a mirror of the actual experience of the regiment in the war

So - end move 8 and the Americans finally turn up another reinforcement card - the Queen - which results in the New York regiment arriving at point 1 - just as the Brunswicker's are routing past.

Stay tuned....


  1. I agree with Christopher; very nice table layout and terrain pieces. Looks very playble. Best, Dean

  2. Nice layout and figures. Great photo of the troops and wagon train heading out of town on the double.

  3. Some great pics, love the wagon train!

  4. Great looking game and always good to see King George's lackeys take a pasting!

  5. Cheers guys... and will do Legatus... hopefully tonight. This has turned out to be an interesting game in many ways... who would have thought there would be 7 moves between the Americans pulling a reinforcement card again?

    The Green Mountain Boys are down to a single battalion... should be enough given the redoubt but who can tell.... :o)