Thursday, September 20, 2012

New transport...

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A little parcel arrived yesterday from DG - inside was a cryptic note "too big for 12mm, too small for 20mm, 15mm??"..  interesting!

Upon further examination, the parcel also contained one of these (left)

Now I remember DG buying this as an experiment when we were at Colours the other weekend, as he was hoping they'd be usable with his Minifigs 12mm/N scale stuff.. 

Once I'd compared however I could see what he meant.. despite the scale being quite close there was a significant difference...

Either way - a little comparison shot... please ignore the butchery of the paint job on the Peter Pig Blitz..  I was having problems with my varnish at the time and rather than re-painting I went for a shortcut fix that didn't quite work!

L - R ; Minifgs N/12mm scale, Zvesda 1/100, Peter Pig 15mm (I think)

Same order - I think the Blitz may now have been dropped by Peter Pig as it's no longer listed...
To say I'm impressed is an understatement - at just over £2.50 a kit these compare extremely favourably with the metal models - which were about £4.50'ish if I remember...

No comparison....
Time for me to put an order in for some replacements I think, as the old models really are beyond the pale.... and they do half tracks as well.... uh oh...


  1. But, Steve, they didn't wear tricorns in WWII . . . so why would you game it, eh?

    -- Jeff (with tongue in cheek)

    1. Jeff - man can not live by tricornes alone.... Steve (also tongue in cheek)

      PS. Trust you're well, good to see you visiting.....

  2. 1/100th is of course the scale for 15mm size if I can put it that way. All our 15mm vehicles are 1/100th scale as are our aircraft. I'm constantly amazed that so so many wargamers don't "get" scale because of the convention of listing by figure sizeand of course the fact that quite a few makers - indeed possibly all fudge to a certain extent- even some of the "scale tables" I've seen on other blogs do this. As a chap who has to commission this stuff I've had my problems with pattern makers who don't get it either but it still amazes me- after all its just doing your sums.

    1. Andy - you're right of course, but in his defence DG did know they were 15mm (he's good with maths, I'm not...), but as a manufacturer yourself you know there is wide variation within scale - if these had been "small 15mm" he'd have been on a winner.... :o))

    2. Good point but as a rule the plastics dudes tend to be hotter on scale- at 10 grand or so per mould you can't afford to fanny about.

  3. £2.50 a pop and just can't go wrong, even if the haven't got tricorns.

  4. Well for me, I think any size would be good... 15 mm or not, they are good

    thumbs up :)



    vehicle transport

    1. Allan/Ray - I liked it enough that I've just ordered another two, I also ordered a couple of Hanomags... all four came to only £11 and that included postage (from I'll post further when they arrive, and are built... I'm still not sold on plastic for figures though... :o)