Friday, September 07, 2012

John Corrigan Memorial game 2012 - "Wagon Train"... Redux! Setup...

The John Corrigan Memorial Game is upon us again...  difficult to believe that John passed away almost a year and a half ago (it was last May), but it gives DG and I a good excuse to have a chat over a game, we'll hoist a beer (or a cup of tea) in his memory, and push some of his lovely figures about....

The scenario for these games is largely immaterial (the main point of it is to get the AWI figures out which John gave me many years ago, and through them remember John), but I try to make the scenario "old school", and amongst that pantheon there are none more old school than the Wagon Train scenario!

Either way, the table is set, DG is due in a couple of hours (and we're going to Colours on Sunday!) ...

Looking forward to it! More anon...!

Hessian entry point bottom left - they're the convoy escort for this game...  destination is top right

Destination - the Hessian held "Fort Corrigan" (or should that be von Corrigan? )

The farm house and lane (which counts as road)..


  1. We shall raise a glass to his memory.

  2. Great looking table.

    Enjoy the game.


  3. The best way to remember him methinks!

  4. Have a great game!
    I did play that Gran Scenario, but in the Napoleonic era. It was very funny!


  5. Beautiful looking table. Enjoy the game.

  6. As usual lots of interesting terrain to navigate and fight in. This time around, I probably like the ditch/gully in the last picture. It reminds me of a gully that zig zagged through my uncles farm. There I spent countless hours during the summer months playing cowboy and indians; and army. Played solo against an invisible foe BTW, and always seemed to win!