Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A funny thing happened on my way to the redoubt.... moves 11 to End (King)

...the game has drawn to a close, but not before a continuation of the most outrageous luck for the American's... I have never seen a series of dice like it*

So just a quick summation and a few candid shots...

We'll start with the position at the end of move 11 - by the very skin of their teeth the Americans have managed to halt the Brunswicker's on the very lip of the redoubt - no casualties, but a morale hit by one pip - in return the Brunswicker's handle the Green Mountain Boys slightly more severely..  both end disordered (yellow pins) - the Hessians have recovered from the cannon fire of the previous move and moved up behind their colleagues in the event that they break..

Move 12 - low water mark for the Hessians....

In front of the redoubt, the Hessians and the Brunswicker's both fail morale tests and rout.....

The Americans draw the King - their Dragoons arrive.. I throw for their arrival point and get a "1"..  yep....  right behind the British Dragoons who have just wheeled so as to head up the table towards the redoubt...  the Americans immediately charge... while still in column...

A bad day just got worse...
In the ensuing melee, the British stand (just), but in the contact phase the Americans throw 6 and the British throw 1 - beyond belief - the death and Glory Boys break and rout...

Overview at the end of move 12..

Hessian assault troops streaming away in rout.. the British Dragoons have just passed the lead wagon in the same condition... game lost I think...

I thought I'd go one more move as there was still one British regiment in good condition, and there was always a possibility that the other regiments would recover.. 

Not to be...  the assault regiments both routed again... 

In their turn the American cavalry...

...started to carve up the wagons - a target rich environment... two wagons finished for (rout markers - they won't recover so will count lost) - next turn the Americans will do the same (the cavalry will get breakthrough charge so can reach deal with two wagons per turn)

...and at that point - move 13 - I called the game - quite possibly the most outrageous game I've ever had the pleasure of playing - immensely enjoyable, but I wouldn't have wished those dice rolls on a live opponent!

*... except when DG is on a roll! 


  1. About 20 years ago, playing WRG Ancients, Charlie Weaver had an army of "Irregular B" troops (who only fail morale on a "1").

    He had to test for something and rolled a "1" and was routed, triggering more tests by other units. In the end he rolled 13 straight ones and his whole army left the table.

    That was far and away the worst dice rolling I've ever seen.

    -- Jeff

    1. Jeff, of such events, are good memories made..... I bet he laughs about it now, but I bet he didn't at the time!

  2. good looking game, I too have had irregC Persians all run away after one unit breaking. Took longer to set up than play but yes funny now


  3. Blimey the Brits didn't seem to have any luck at all, damn the dice gods of war!!!

    1. Sho' enuf.... funniest set of rolls, over as long a period of time, as I've ever seen!

  4. Hard luck old chum. The King's men will have their day.

    1. CK - one of the joys of solo play is that you can't lose.. :o)

  5. Really enjoyed this...the eccentric dice rolling only added to it!