Tuesday, January 01, 2013

That was the year that was... 2012

...errrr... anything you like......
...and so another year disappears down the pan...

It seems de rigeur among the wargaming bloggerati (gliterrati??) to put up some kind of view of how 2012 was, and what your plans are for 2013, so why on earth should I want to buck the trend...??

I've got to say it wasn't a stand out year, but it was better than 2011... painting totals for the year turned out at 120 [click here], well down on 2011 but as most of that year was the WWII re-basing project, and very few/no new units, this year was considerably better. My favourite new item this year was the American Civil War signalling edifice [click here] shortly followed by Lord North and Greys regiment [click here]

Eighty five posts this year (c/w 93 in '11) which is pretty good (and like last year I'm still surprised I was so prolific - it didn't seem like it at times!)

Seven table top games this year (compared with four last year) which is somewhat better - as part of his ACW campaign you can also add in two massive virtual games that DG and I have been playing all year (Waynes Junction finished in February, and we then moved on to Stewart Springs which has just finished today, having started in July!) so it's been an OK year...  working long hours I find it very difficult at times to summon up the enthusiasm to set the table up.. much easier to open a beer, light a cigar, and read a good book!

Games this year were:
  • "Operation Cornichon" - the WWII Skirmish Campaign comprising 3 linked table top teasers:
    • Game 1 - "Attack on the Camp"
    • Game 2 - "Holding Action (1)"
    • Game 3 - "Reinforcements in Depth (2)" I switched to using the "Rate of Fire" rules I picked up at Salute for this game
  • "Wagon Train... Redux!" - the John Corrigan Memorial Game for 2012 - American war of Independence Teaser action - a win for me in what was a bit of a lop sided game...  sorry DG!
  • "A funny thing happened on my way to the redoubt....." - my solo re-fight of the same game and who could have foreseen what was quite possibly the most bizarre a set of circumstances that the humble D6 has ever perpetrated in a single game...  great fun....!
  • "Hearts of Tin" trial game - ACW action using Ross McFarlane's home grown rules...
  • Raid on St. Michel - Game 5 - "Heading Home" - which completed the St Michel campaign and a win for me....

Three brilliant shows though - Salute, Colours and Warfare - I read some fantastic books (and started the review page [clicky]), started the virtual Kindle library [clicky], had a damn fine holiday, and enjoyed some good sailing [click here] which altogether made 2012 an overall good'un...

I don't make New Years resolutions (it's a hobby, not a job so why pressure yourself further??) what I'd like to do is:
  1. a little more painting (I want to finish the Pz II and the Pz38T, and then balance the WSS forces with some opposition for Lord North and Greys Regiment)
  2. the same number of table top games as last year if not one or two more...
  3. new year new look - watch out for a change to the look and feel of the blog in January - I'll also freshen up all the project blogs as I go through the year......
  4. BUT....   the main priority at least for the first half of the year, is to find a replacement for Papillon [clicky]....
All the best to you and yours for 2013....!  


  1. Happy New Year, and good luck on the table and off it!

  2. Some great events and games there - I wish you all the best for a similarly enjoyable and fun 2013 Steve!

  3. Cheers guys.. Happy New Year to you and yours

  4. Happy New Year Steve!

  5. Happy New Year and thanks again for all the inspiration in 2012. One mans dedication to wargaming fun, beer (and a yacht) kept me smiling in a decidedly naff year!