Sunday, January 27, 2013

You clear orfffff.....!


...bugger 'orf!! Can't you see your upsetting my lady-ship?
 ... some supernumeraries join the ranks of the War of the Spanish Succession project - I had no idea who made these figures, but they have the look of Peter Pig about them.... and sure enough I found some pictures of them on the web to confirm my initial [clicky here] prognosis wouldn't want to upset those ladies would you! let's see - who would I be frightened of more?  Old fat bloke waving a cross at me, or pulchritudinous wench waving firearm probably loaded with old nails .....  errr.... no contest!

"I say ..  stay away from my church you.... you.... wuffian!"
So...  figures are 15mm Peter Pig, and I think they came as part of a donation from fellow blogger Sir William The Aged (of Wars of Louis Quatorze fame)... either way, thanks Sir William - it's taken me a while but I am getting through them!


  1. That's a feisty looking group of "ladies" indeed!

  2. The hell with that, I'd be worried about the senorita with the cleaver!



  3. Really beautiful and unique figures. I like them a lot. Best, Dean

    1. DeanM - cheers - I like the Peter Pig sculpts - they always seem to have a lot of character in the face.....

      Jay/Peter Douglas/David - "ladies" with cleavers should be avoided at all times!

  4. The cross and the cleaver! Nice characters.

  5. Demented 'ladies' with cleaver and pistol trump the bloke with the cross every time!