Friday, March 22, 2013

A new blog for a new boat...

So back in January I published four "nice to do" targets ('resolutions' are just too much of an unnecessary stress in a hobby that that should be a break from the rat race...) how are they doing?
  1. a little more painting (I want to finish the Pz II and the Pz38T, and then balance the WSS forces with some opposition for Lord North and Greys Regiment) Going great guns on this one - I'm within 20 or 30 points of my 2012 total already....  the tanks were done, along with significant numbers of reinforcements to a number of projects...  long may it continue...
  2. the same number of table top games as last year if not one or two more... None so far - not good...
  3. new year new look - watch out for a change to the look and feel of the blog in January - I'll also freshen up all the project blogs as I go through the year...... Completed...
  4. BUT....   the main priority at least for the first half of the year, is to find a replacement for Papillon [clicky].... also as of this week COMPLETED!!

Welcome to the new boat... a bilge keel Hurley 20 of venerable age, and unsurpassed loveliness....!

Yep - currently known as Tjanna, but I shall (for the first time) be re-naming her....  can't say I'd have done it from choice, but the name doesn't signify anything specific (from what I can tell it's just a slightly unusual girls name), and I don't fancy having to spell it out every time I talk to a marina, or Heaven forbid, the Coast Guard..!

She'll be known as Sparrow - no specific reason other than the wing/flying analogy, they're also small, feisty, it's the same name as Bolitho's first command [clicky] which was always my favourite of the series....  and it's also Captain Jack's surname (and the family wouldn't let me call her Black Pearl)... and anyway I like it....

New blog added to the left.....


  1. I like "Sparrow" too - have fun!

  2. Excellent. Look forward to more sailing in Chichester Harbour and beyond!

  3. and "The White Pearl" would not have had the same ring. May the Sparrow fly before the wind before long.

  4. I like it - nice name as well.

  5. that deserves a toast - well deserved