Friday, November 15, 2013

Annexation of Chiraz - Game #2 - Crossing the River Cressay - Set Up

Game two in the Annexation of Chiraz campaign comprising 5 linked scenarios ... or my interpretation of it anyway….

In campaign terms this battle takes place the day after the attempt to capture the powder mill (read here [clicky] and here [clicky] for how that went when DG and I played) so is treated in isolation in that the effects of the 1st game do not flow to this game....

In summary - we find that the attack on the powder mill was intended primarily by the French as a bluff in order to lure the main Allied force away from their primary thrust which is to develop a bridgehead, and river crossing. This is to allow them to conduct military operations with the aim of taking control of Chiraz, and stopping the marital hopes of the stadtholders son and the daughter of the Duke of Chiraz in their tracks...   (cue boos and hisses from the wings )

The scenario as described in the book is straight forward, but not what I would call a "game"... it is primarily one player building a pontoon bridge, and the other player stopping him - the actual scenario/game mechanics of building the pontoon bridge are very clear, but I have to say my heart sank a little...  in game terms it's the WWI equivalent of a trench assault pre-tanks...  it is clear which side will win as the French have overwhelming numbers including artillery, and the Allies have two battalions of militia and a squadron of cavalry so ultimately the game is (just?) about attrition (and presumably the effect of those on future games) I turned to my trusty copy of "Scenario's for Wargamers" for some inspiration and hit upon number 18 "River Crossing"..

So the scenario is slightly different but fits the overall theme of the campaign..  in this scenario the bridgehead has already been formed, the French have a small force across the river which they need to reinforce. the Allies have to stop them but do not have all their forces available to them immediately, they arrive at random times throughout the game and from random directions...

So the scenario map is as follows, and I've modified it per the map in "Scenario's for Wargamers"  number 18 "River Crossing"..

Which on my table translates to this:

  • The Allied starting force enters at point A, their reinforcements arrive separately at B and C. They arrive in column of march, with cavalry at the head, and in single line. The arrival times are calculated based on distance to town - to make life interesting I may suggest a 1D3 random element...  or not!
    • Force A is already on the table,
    • Force B arrives on table move 10
    • Force C arrives on table move 14
  • The French bridgehead force (one unit) can deploy within one move from their crossing point/bridgehead. 
  • The French have pontoons/boats enough to carry one unit at a time - the flow of the river is variable, and it takes 1D3 (ie. half a D6 rounded up) moves for each unit to cross from one side to the other. The next unit starts its crossing the move after the previous unit has arrived
  • The French crossing point can be anywhere between the ruined bridge, and where the scenario map shows the pontoon (yellow box in the map)...
Orders of Battle:


Force A:

Unit Type
Unit Name
InfantryDering's (c/w Battalion Gun #1)55
Light ArtilleryNo.155

Force B:

Unit Type
Unit Name
Hvy CavalryAlt-Hanover Cuirassiers55
InfantryHeidebrecht Regiment55
InfantryImperial Grenadiers56

Force C:

Unit Type
Unit Name
InfantryLord North & Grey's Regiment55
Light ArtilleryNo. 255

Franco Bavarian:
Dorrington's are the bridgehead force...

Unit Type
Unit Name
Infantry Champagne 5 5
Infantry Agenois 5 5
Infantry Foix 5 5
Infantry Saintonge 5 5
Infantry Dorrington 5 5
Cavalry Regiment de St. Pouanges5 5
Heavy Cavalry Arco 5 5
Light Artillery No. 1 5 5
Light Artillery No. 2 5 5


  1. It seems a great Scenario.... Waiting to see

  2. Steve

    An excellent suggestion of a replacement for the original scenario and a favourite scenario of mine to boot. Have fun!