Thursday, November 21, 2013

Annexation of Chiraz - Game #2 - Crossing the River Cressay - The Game

...and so on to the game...

As a reminder [clicky to see the "Set Up" post] the scenario DG and I were to play is slightly different to that described in the Chiraz Campaign book..

In our scenario (which came from "Scenario's for Wargamers" where it is number 18 "River Crossing") the French (DG) already have a small force (one battalion of foot) across the river, which they then need to reinforce.

The Allies (me) have to try and stop them, but the Allied force arrives in 3 parts and the full force doesn't arrive until after move 14.

So the table is as follows...

Allied entry point is A

The Game:

So the following shows the position about the end of move 1; DG has his artillery by the ruined bridge, covering the approaches to the village...  Dorrington's in the mid-foreground...

A few moves later and the next regiment (Saintonge - by the yellow dice) is about to cross...  somewhat handily I remembered I had a D3 from Salute some years ago which was perfect for measuring the random arrival across the river (it's a D6 marked 1,2,3 twice).

The artillery is already pounding away, but my gun shows shaken (yellow pin)..

Dorrington's (Cross of St George) is about to enter the built up area/village - on the other side of the village my cavalry, in column, is about to bypass the village..

Apologies the break in coverage, game was too exciting! This is about move 8 (below)..

Dorrington's are firmly in control of the village having seen off Derring's, but my cavalry (Schombergs.. "The Black Horse") have finished their circumvention of the village, and have already seen the Foix regiment off (I caught them in column and they broke when testing to stand)

Move 16 (below) and all is change.. I would say that this was a significant turn for the Allies...

Top left and force B is approaching the village - the Heidebrecht regiment has steam rollered into town, still in column because of terrain, and has seen off Dorrington's (red pin = rout). Their next target is Champagne, they have Derring's providing flank support..

At the bottom of the picture, most of DG's troops are across - next to cross is St Pouanges (the cavalry). Arco - his cuirassiers - have failed to change formation to line (blue pin) and are milling around somewhat... 

To the left, the last of my forces have arrived, the cavalry are already engaged (having seen off Agenois who can be seem routing next to Arco)

My cavalry are about to start causing mischief!

In the next move, Schomberg went for Arco, and Cadogan's went for Agenois, with mixed results....

Move 18 (below) or so, I think, and the end of the game is approaching though it was to rumble on for a number of further turns...

My cuirassiers can be seen in the wheat field where their threat is keeping the attention if both DG's Cuirassiers (Arco) and Regiment Foix (by the pine tree)

My remaining artillery has deployed by the wall (top left), and Lord North and Grey's Regiment is covered by the broken ground while waiting am opportune moment ...  that open ground is a bit of a killing field as DG has it well covered by his artillery.

Heidebrecht and Derring's have pushed both DG's regiments out of the town but have come to a fighting stop (both Derrings and Champagne opposite have shaken pins)

The Austrian composite Grenadier battalion is pushing forward hoping to cause DG's cavalry to charge!

End of game (move 27 - below) my cuirassiers are almost full strength and there are two routed units within charge reach. My Grenadiers have broken but Lord North and Grey's regiment is still there...  just...

Heidebrecht - secure in the village - almost full strength points and dominating the bridgehead...  On the other hand, DG's artillery are doing the same...

Post Match Analysis:

  • I lost more casualties but I think it safe to say I had the stronger end position, and a couple of extra moves would have seen DG lose Foix and Arco... having said that we agreed a bloody draw...
  • We played 27 moves - but the rules we use (Will McNally's SYW Rules amended by me for War of the Spanish Succession - check my WSS Project Page for the details) move pretty quickly - in essence Side A Moves/Side B fires/Melee and then vice versa. Each move is 10 minutes in real time so that equates to about 4 and a half hours - a brisk little engagement..
  • I planned on DG's forces being able to get across the river between 8 and 24 moves, as it turned out I don't think DG threw higher than 2 all game so his forces were over in less than average numbers...
  • The roads/lanes were a major PITA for the Allied players cavalry! I began to know how the Sherman tank commanders in bocage country must have felt..
  • Beverages on the night were Fullers "Wild River" [clicky] and later a cup of tea ably supported by a brace of Co-Op Truly Irresistible Chocolate and Brazil Nut Cookies..  well ...  you'd be foolish not to, right??



Force A:

Unit Type

Unit Name


InfantryDering's (c/w Battalion Gun #1)5 1
5 1
Light ArtilleryNo.155

Force B:

Unit Type

Unit Name


Hvy CavalryAlt-Hanover Cuirassiers5 4
5 4
InfantryHeidebrecht Regiment5 45 4
InfantryImperial Grenadiers5 2
6 3

Force C:

Unit Type

Unit Name


CavalryCadogan's5 5
InfantryLord North & Grey's Regiment5 2
5 2
Light ArtilleryNo. 255

27 strength points lost (60% casualties)

Franco Bavarian:

Unit Type

Unit Name


InfantryChampagne5 3
5 3
InfantryFoix5 4
5 4
CavalryRegiment de St. Pouanges55
Heavy CavalryArco5 4
5 4
Light ArtilleryNo. 15 4
5 4
Light ArtilleryNo. 255

25 strength points lost (56% casualties)


  1. Good to see Steve - poor old Schomberg. I've always rather liked him.

    1. CK - worry not, they will be back... and on the plus side they also won battle honours in this little set to...

  2. Another exciting game Steve. The trouble is I am tending to read more about other people's games rather than playing my own! This one is on my list to play but I have yet to get round to the first one of the book. As you see, I am now able to coment on your blog. Thanks for the help - I hope you won't regret it.
    Best wishes. Jim